This free printable Groundhog Day word search will help kids learn about Groundhog Day- and have fun! These puzzles are the perfect way to celebrate Groundhog Day at home or at school!

After the holiday season of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas the new year can seem a little slow- but that’ doesn’t mean the early part of the year has to be without celebrations!

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groundhog day word search text with example pages and a picture of a groundhog and calendar


What is Groundhog Day?

Groundhog Day is on February 2nd every year. It’s a tradition celebrated in North America on which the groundhog emerging from it’s burrow is said to predict the weather for the upcoming spring. 

Groundhog Day is centered in between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, and the legend says that if the groundhog comes out and sees his shadow, he will return to his burrow and there will be 6 more weeks of winter.

If he doesn’t see his shadow, you can expect warmer weather and an early spring that year!

Up in Pennsylvania, you can get the official weather report from Punxsutawney Phil- who is the official Groundhog Day groundhog.


Free Printable Groundhog Day Word Search for Kids

Kids love any reason to celebrate- and Groundhog Day is no exception. Use one of these free printable Groundhog Day word searches as a jumping off point for your Groundhog Day celebration or discussion.

There are 2 different Groundhog Day word search printables to choose from- one with 15 words and the other with 20. 


Ways to Use the Printable Groundhog Day Word Searches

Word searches are a fun pastime for people of all ages. They have tons of benefits too- from relaxation to anxiety relief to stimulating the brain. 

When it comes to kids, word searches have even more benefits. Such as:

  • Help with word development
  • Learning to spell
  • Improving vocabulary
  • Developing problem solving skills
  • Pattern recognition
  • Improve memory

And many more! They are great for the brain and for a screen-free entertainment option!

Here are a few ways to use these free printable Groundhog Day word searches:

  • As a anxiety relieving or calming activity. Word searches occupy the mind and keep it off of stressful thoughts.
  • As a car ride activity. Just add a pencil and clipboard and you have a fun screen-free activity for a long trip.
  • As part of a Groundhog Day celebration for your homeschool/classroom.
  • As an easy Groundhog Day activity on February 2nd.
  • To jump start discussions about the Groundhog Day traditions.
  • As part of a larger Groundhog Day learning unit in your homeschool or classroom.

You can also print these Groundhog Day Coloring Pages to go along with these word searches!


example pages of groundhog day word searches


Download the Free Printable Groundhog Day Word Searches


Groundhog Day Word Search #1

This first printable Groundhog Day word search can double as a coloring page!

It’s great for younger kids and it’s less difficult with words only going up, down, or diagonally. 

This Groundhog Day word search has 15 words


free printable groundhog day word search for kids that can also be a coloring page



Groundhog Day Word Search #2

The second Groundhog Day word search is more difficult and is better for kids who are a little older or love a challenge.

It has 20 different words that can go in any direction- forwards, backwards, up, down, or diagonally.


free printable groundhog day word search for kids


You are free to use these Groundhog Day word searches for personal use at home or in the classroom. Please don’t share the file, but if you’d like to share the word search with friends, please forward this page to them so that they can download the file themselves. These downloads may not be used in any commercial fashion. 


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