Looking for a fun and educational way to celebrate Earth Day with the kids? These free printable Earth Day word searches are the perfect activity!

These puzzles are a great way to engage with the theme of environmental protection while having fun at the same time. They can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from kids who are just learning about the importance of taking care of the planet to teens and adults who are looking for a challenging puzzle to pass the time.

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Whether you’re a teacher looking for a classroom activity or a parent searching for a fun and educational way to celebrate Earth Day with your kids, these Earth Day word searches are the perfect solution.


earth day word searches


What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is an annual holiday that is celebrated on April 22nd.

The purpose of Earth Day is to raise awareness about environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, deforestation, and species extinction. The event is also intended to encourage people to take action to protect the environment, whether through individual actions like reducing plastic use or through collective efforts like advocating for policy changes.

Earth Day events vary widely from country to country, but they often include activities like tree planting, clean-up campaigns, educational workshops, and rallies. The goal is to inspire people to take meaningful action to protect the planet and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Teaching children to be good stewards of the Earth is important- and these fun word searches help introduce vocabulary and can  help spur discussions about Earth Day.


Free Printable Earth Day Word Search for Kids

Kids love any reason to celebrate- and Earth Day  is no exception. Use one of these free printable Earth Day word searches as a jumping off point for your Earth Day celebration or discussion.

They are perfect for introducing Earth Day vocabulary to kids and helping them learn about the importance of caring for our planet, the environment, and the all of its inhabitants. 

There are 2 different Earth Day word search printables to choose from- one easy and one hard. 


Ways to Use the Printable Earth Day Word Searches

Word searches are a fun pastime for people of all ages. They have tons of benefits too- from relaxation to anxiety relief to stimulating the brain. 

When it comes to kids, word searches have even more benefits. Such as:

  • Help with word development
  • Learning to spell
  • Improving vocabulary
  • Developing problem solving skills
  • Pattern recognition
  • Improve memory

And many more! They are great for the brain and for a screen-free entertainment option!

Here are a few ways to use these free printable Earth Day word searches:

  • As a anxiety relieving or calming activity. Word searches occupy the mind and keep it off of stressful thoughts.
  • As a car ride activity. Just add a pencil and clipboard and you have a fun screen-free activity for a long trip.
  • As part of a Earth Day celebration for your homeschool/classroom.
  • As an easy Earth Day activity on May 5th.
  • To jump start discussions about the meaning of Earth Day.
  • As part of a larger Earth Day learning unit in your homeschool or classroom.


earth day word search example pages


Download the Free Printable Earth Day Word Searches


Earth Day Word Search #1

This first printable Earth Day word search can double as a coloring page!

It’s great for younger kids and it’s less difficult with words only going up and down- no backwards or diagonal. 

This easy word search has 18 words.


easy earth day word search coloring page



Earth Day Word Search #2

The second Earth Day word search is more difficult and is better for kids who are a little older or love a challenge.

It has 28 different words that can go in any direction- forwards, backwards, up, down, or diagonally.


hard earth day word search


You are free to use these Earth Day word searches for personal use at home or in the classroom. Please don’t share the file, but if you’d like to share the word search with friends, please forward this page to them so that they can download the file themselves. These downloads may not be used in any commercial fashion. 

Need another Earth Day activity? Try these Earth Day Acrostic Poems! They are great for kids of all ages and writing abilities. Or, if you have young kids, try these Earth Day Coloring Pages


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