Do you need Valentine cards for your child to pass out to their class, friend, or family? Try these free black and white printable valentine cards! 

These printable Valentine cards are easy on your printer, and can be colored by your child before printing out or the recipient can color the cards themselves. 

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printable valentines black and white cards with example pages


I remember growing up, Valentine’s Day was a big deal. We all spent ours making our own Valentine’s boxes and making cards for our friends. Then when Valentine’s Day came, the whole class spent time dropping our special cards into everyone’s boxes. 

And while I love making homemade Valentines (like these paper heart animals!), sometimes time is short and you need to take a few short cuts!

If you don’t want to buy Valentine’s cards, but don’t have time to totally DIY, try these free printable black and white Valentine’s this year.

These cards are black and white, which means they are cheap to print and don’t use any colored ink, but your child can still personalize them by coloring in the designs. 

Or you can package them with small packs of crayons, so the recipient can color the card themselves!


printable valentine cards example pages


How to Use the Black and White Printable Valentine Cards

These printable valentines are so easy to use, all you have to do is print the page, cut out the cards, and pass out your Valentines!

But here’s a few tips for the best experience with printable Valentine cards:

Print the Valentines on cardstock: Regular printer paper won’t be strong enough to pass out without getting wrinkled or crushed. Print out your black and white Valentines cards on cardstock for more durability. 

Use sharp scissors or a paper cutter: This is optional, but for the cleanest lines, use a paper cutter or large, sharp scissors. Of course, if you want your child to own the experience of creating the cards for their friends- go ahead and let them cut out the cards!

If coloring before giving, use crayons or colored pencils. Markers tend to bleed through, so using pencils or crayons is a better option. 

And don’t forget to have your child sign and personalize the cards for their friends!


Download the Black and White Printable Valentine Cards

You are free to use these printable Valentine’s cards for personal or classroom use. Please don’t share the file, but if you’d like to share the black and white Valentine’s cards with friends, please forward this page to them so that they can download the file themselves. This download may not be used in any commercial fashion. 


Printable Dinosaur Valentine Cards

These adorable black and white dino valentines are perfect for kids who love dinosaurs!

They each feature an adorable dinosaur and a dino-themed saying.

These cards are the perfect Valentine’s cards for kids to color!

Click the link below to download these black and white dino Valentine cards:


printable dinosaur valentine cards with black and white dinosaurs on them


If you like these, you’ll also like the printable Valentine Bookmarks– including Dino themed ones you can color!


Be My Valentine Animal Cards

The next black and white Valentine cards all have adorable wild animals on them.

These cards all have the same “Be My Valentine” saying on them.

These cards are the perfect Valentine’s cards for kids to color!

Click the link below to download these black and white animal Valentine cards:


BW Animal Valentine Cards



Black and White Valentine Letter Cards

The next set of printable Valentines are simple cards with a to/from section, a Valentine’s message, and a stamp!

Click the image or link below to download these cards:

printable valentine card with stamp



Printable Black and White Valentine Cards

The last set of black and white printable valentine cards all feature a simple Valentine’s message and lots and lots of hearts!

Click the link or image below to download this set of Valentine cards. 


printable valentine cards



Once you’ve chosen your cards, just download and print and you’re ready for Valentine’s Day!

Or your you can print out these Free Valentine Coloring Pages and use them for Valentine cards as well!


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