This free, printable Martin Luther King Jr. Word Search will help kids learn about MLK, his message, his history, and his mission. These puzzles are the perfect way to commemorate MLK Day and start some great discussions about this historical figure.

MLK jr word searches text with a flag and the words I have a dream

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There are 2 different Martin Luther King Jr. word search puzzles to choose from.

They have between 15-19 words and vary in difficulty so that you can choose the one that best fits your kids or students. 

These MLK word search puzzles are the perfect addition to any classroom or homeschool unit on MLK Day and can be used as a jumping off point for learning vocabulary, history, and the relevance of Martin Luther King Jr.’s teachings today.


How to Use the Martin Luther King Jr. Word Searches

MLK Day is the perfect time to teach kids the important history and biography of Martin Luther King Jr. Here are a few ways you can use these Martin Luther King Jr. word search puzzles with your kids or students:

Use the MLK word searches as an introduction to Martin Luther King Jr. Have them look at the images and search for the words. Once they have completed the puzzle. Have them use the word list as a vocabulary list. 

Depending on the age or grade level of the child, you can have them look up and define each word, verbally discuss the meaning of each word, or  have them use the words in a sentence or writing assignment. 

Use the word searches as a tool to solidify information after reading books about Martin Luther King Jr. 

Use the MLK word searches as part of a bigger learning unit that includes things like:


martin luther king jr wordsearch example pages

Download the Martin Luther King Jr. Word Search Puzzles

There are 2 different options to choose from. Simply choose the one that works best for your kids and click the link to download it to your device.


Easy MLK Word Search

The first word search is an easy puzzle that can also be used as a coloring page. 

This word search is perfect for younger, elementary aged kids. 

The words go horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, but not backwards. 

There are 15 words to find in this word search.



Hard MLK Word Search

The second word search is more difficult and is perfect for older elementary aged kids or middle schoolers. 

The words go in any direction, including forwards, backwards, and diagonally.

This word search has 19 words to find. 

martin luther king jr wordsearch example page


These word searches are available for your personal or classroom use only. It can not be sold or reproduced for commercial purposes. If you’d like to share the Martin Luther King Jr Word Search, please share the link to this article instead of sharing the file directly. 

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