Are you in need of a umbrella pattern for your next craft or project? These free printable umbrella templates are the perfect tool to help you make creating and crafting easy!

These printable umbrella templates are perfect for preschool crafts, school projects, classroom decorations, and more!

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These outlines are easy to download and print- making it that much easier to do fun, hands-on activities and arts & crafts with your kids!


printable umbrella templates


Ways to Use the Umbrella Templates

So what exactly can you do with a umbrella template? So many things! They can be used for:

  • Simple coloring pages for kids
  • Stencils for painting or tracing
  • Classroom bulletin boards
  • Collages
  • Playdough mats

And here are a few umbrella crafts or activities you could do with these templates:

Free Painting: Print out the umbrella template of your choice and give your kids various paints and brushes. Watercolors are one of my favorites. Then let them create however they wish!

Rainy Day Craft: Create a rainy day  picture. Have the kids decorate their umbrella using paints, crayons, collage, etc. Then have them cut out the umbrella and glue it on construction paper and decorate with sun, clouds, and raindrops. 

Umbrella Bulletin Board: Print out umbrellas in various sizes on colored paper (or have the kids decorate) and make a umbrella themed bulletin board for your classroom. 

Themed Writing Prompts: Have the kids write a poem or short story on the umbrella template.  

Counting Practice: Print 10 medium umbrellas and write the numbers 1-10 on them. Give your child about 55 glass gems (or other small object) and have them count out the correct number. 1 gem on the #1 umbrella, 2 gems on the #2 umbrella, etc. 

Basically anything you might need an outline of an umbrella for. Don’t worry about free-hand drawing an umbrella- these templates make it easy!


umbrella template example pages


Download the PDF Printable Umbrella Templates Now

There are 2 different umbrella templates to choose from and you can choose a large, medium, or small of each template.

These templates are available for personal or classroom use only. They cannot be reproduced or used in a commercial fashion. 

To download, simply click the image of the template you want and it will download to your device.


Umbrella Template #1

This first umbrella has no interior lines making it the perfect template for crafts, writing, or decorations. 

Click below for the large umbrella:


printable all about me worksheet for kids school or homeschool


Medium Umbrella Template

Click below for 4 medium umbrellas of this template per page. 

These medium umbrellas are perfect for the counting activity or for bulletin boards. 


printable all about me worksheet for kids school or homeschool


Small Umbrella Template

Here are 9 small umbrellas per page.

Perfect for creating games, cutting practice, or collages. 

printable umbrella template for crafts and decoration


Umbrella Template #2

This next umbrella does have interior lines and the top is sectioned into 3 sections.

It can make a great coloring page!


printable all about me worksheet for kids school or homeschool


Medium Umbrella Template

Print 2 of this template per page. 

Print them on colored paper for an easy decoration!

printable umbrella template for crafts and decoration


Small Umbrella Template

Finally, 4 smaller umbrellas on one page.

Perfect for school crafts or preschool learning activities. 

printable umbrella template for crafts and decoration


You are free to use these umbrella templates for personal use at home or in the classroom. Please don’t share the file, but if you’d like to share the templates with friends, please forward this page to them so that they can download the file themselves. These downloads may not be used in any commercial fashion.


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