Are you in need of a cactus pattern for your next craft or project? This free printable cactus template is the perfect tool to help you make creating with cacti easy!

Creating a cactus craft doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. With this free printable cactus template, all you need is a printer and you have the perfect cactus outline ready to go!

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These cactus templates comes with several options of shapes and sizes, so you can create whatever kind of cacti you want.

Cacti are an iconic symbol of the desert landscape and have been used throughout history as decorations, medicines, and even food. Native Americans have used them for centuries for medicinal purposes, while ancient Greeks venerated the “sacred” cactus plant in their religious ceremonies. Today, people around the world use them as indoor plants or outdoor décor items that add vibrant colors and textures to their homes and gardens.

With our free printable cactus template, it’s easy to enrich your child’s educational experience while crafting with cacti!


cactus template


Ways to Use the Cactus Templates

So what exactly can you do with a cactus template? So many things! They can be used for:

  • Simple coloring pages for kids
  • Stencils for painting or tracing
  • Classroom bulletin boards
  • Collages
  • Playdough mats

And here are a few cactus crafts you could do with these templates:

3-D Paper Cactus: Print 2 of the same cactus on stiff paper or cardstock. Cut a slit from the bottom to about an inch from the top on one, and cut a slit from the top to about an inch from the bottom on the second. Slide the 2 pieces together to form a 3-d cactus.

Cacti Collage: Get magazines featuring cacti and other succulents. Have kids cut out pictures or parts of pictures to glue on the cactus template. 

Cactus Sewing: Print the template on cardstock or glue on cardboard. Using a hole punch, punch holes evenly around the perimeter of the cactus. Have kids “sew” with yarn around the edge of the cactus. 

Tissue Paper Flowers: Have the kids cut out and color the cactus of their choice. Give them small rounds/squares of colored tissue paper to form flowers and glue them to the ends of the cactus. 

“I’m Stuck on You” card: Cut out and color one of the templates. Glue it into a construction paper cards with the words “I’m Stuck on You!”. Allow the kids to decorate the cards how they wish. 


cactus template example pages


Download the PDF Printable Cactus Templates Now

There are 4 different cactus templates to choose from. 

These templates are available for personal or classroom use only. They cannot be reproduced or used in a commercial fashion. 

To download, simply click the image of the template you want and it will download to your device.


Prickly Cactus Template


printable all about me worksheet for kids school or homeschool


Thick Lined Cactus Template

 This simple template has thick lines, making it super easy for kids to cut out themselves. 

printable all about me worksheet for kids school or homeschool


 Short Cactus Template

Next is a smaller, prickly pear type cactus template. 

printable all about me worksheet for kids school or homeschool


Cactus in a Pot Template

Need a cactus in a pot? 

The next template features a large saguaro like cactus in a pot. 

printable all about me worksheet for kids school or homeschool


You are free to use these cactus templates for personal use at home or in the classroom. Please don’t share the file, but if you’d like to share the templates with friends, please forward this page to them so that they can download the file themselves. These downloads may not be used in any commercial fashion.

For more cactus fun, you can also try these Free Cactus Coloring Pages!


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