The practice of daily gratitude helps you cultivate a more positive and joyful attitude for life. This free, printable gratitude journal makes it easy to build a habit of practicing daily gratitude. 

Life is hard, and it’s easy to get lost and bogged down in the stress of everyday life. But by building a habit of practicing daily gratitude, you can train your brain to see the good in your life instead of focusing on what you don’t have and what is going wrong. 

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How to Use a Daily Gratitude Journal

Starting a daily gratitude journal is so easy! And it takes less than 5 minutes a day. 

Start by printing out the daily gratitude journal page (or, if you prefer a physical copy, you can get a 180 day version of this same Gratitude Journal on Amazon.)

Give yourself 5 minutes to go through the prompts on the page. These prompts include:

  • 3 things you are grateful for
  • 3 things you accomplished
  • Something you are proud of
  • Something you are looking forward to tomorrow
  • Affirmations or mantras for the day

It’s best to do this first thing in the morning or late in the evening once you’re day is through.

I also suggest setting aside a special time for this practice where you won’t be disturbed by family, kids, work, or other demands on your time. Make this a special, no-stress, part of the day. 


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Writing down what you are grateful for every day will build a habit of thankfulness, and allow you to focus on your blessings instead of what you don’t have. Daily gratitude will help you find more joy in life and increase your happiness and overall well-being.

Also included in a monthly check in page, which allows you to review your daily gratitude over the past month and evaluate how far you’ve come. 

There’s also a NOTES page for you to jot down anything else that comes to mind during your self-care and gratitude practice time. 

Are you having trouble making daily gratitude a habit? Use a free printable habit tracker to make it stick!

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Benefits of Keeping a Daily Gratitude Journal

Writing in a daily gratitude journal has so many benefits for your mood and mental health. Some of these benefits include:

It increases positivity in your life. By taking the time to focus on the good parts of life, you will naturally become more positive overall. By writing down and thinking about the positive parts of your life helps to give the negative aspects less power, making you more optimistic in life.

It reduced stress. Focusing on the negative has a negative effect on your mind and body. Likewise, focusing on the positive will have a positive effect. One of these effects is lowered stress. You will feel more content, less stressed, and will be able to handle what life throws at you much more easily.

It makes you happy! By taking time to write down at least 3 things you’re thankful for and 3 things you are happy to have accomplished, you are placing happy, positive emotions in the front of your brain. When faced with everything you have and have done with your life, you can’t help but feel more joyful!


Download the Printable Gratitude Journal

Are you ready to start incorporating a daily gratitude practice in your life today? Download the printable gratitude journal below to get started today!


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 This journal is available for free for personal use only. It can be printed for use in your own home. If you’d like to share the file with friends or family, please share this article instead of sending the file directly.

If you prefer a hard copy of this Daily Gratitude Journal you can find this exact journal on Amazon. You’ll get:

  • 180 days worth of daily prompts
  • Monthly review pages to evaluate your progress
  • Plenty of space for notes
  • Easy, portable 6×9 size

Get it here: Daily Gratitude Journal: Daily gratitude, affirmations, and reflections for a more positive life


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