Are you looking for some fun Valentine’s crafts to do with your kids? Try making one of these heart-shaped animals! 6 adorable animal Valentine’s to give away to friends, family, or classmates!

When I was growing up homemade Valentines were made from red or pink paper hearts and, if we were making one for someone super special, maybe a white hearts shaped doily too.

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But you can make so many things out of paper hearts!

Here are 6 fun heart-shaped animals to make with your kids this Valentine’s Day!


6 Adorable Heart Shaped Animal Crafts for Valentine's Day

Do your kids love making homemade Valentine's crafts or cards?

Try one of these adorable heart-shaped animal crafts this Valentine's day!

Or Make Your Own Heart-Shaped Animals!

Once you make a few of these animals, maybe you and your kids will be inspired to make your own!

I love to cut out tons of hearts from scrap paper and keep them in a box. I’ll also throw in some big ones too.

This is a great way to reduce waste- but it’s also great for getting the imagination going and before you know it your kids will be making up their own animals!


3 paper heart-shaped animals created by a child's imagination- a bird, dog, and dinosaur

These are just 3 of my kids’ paper heart animals! Created totally from their imaginations!


Simply give your kids a box of hearts, a bottle of glue, and some extra paper- just in case- and let them go to town creating their own paper heart animals!


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