Want to make some fun valentine’s crafts with your kids? Learn how to make this heart shaped cat valentine craft- great for giving to friends or displaying on the fridge!

Oh….about OCTOBER my youngest son asked me to start cutting out paper hearts. He didn’t care that it was months and months until Valentine’s day, he was ready then. 

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He’s been carrying around a box full of paper hearts ever since and is happy that it’s finally time for them to really be used!


heart shaped cat valentine made from yellow paper hearts


Paper hearts are so fun to craft with! You can use them in so many ways, including making paper heart shaped animals! Here’s a cute little paper heart cat valentine my daughter and I made.


How to Make a Paper Heart Cat Valentine


Here’s the supplies you will need:

  • 2 colors of construction paper (my daughter chose yellow and pink, but you can use whatever colors you want! Though red and pink are great for noses and ears)
  • 2 googly eyes
  • white glue
  • scissors
  • Black crayon or marker


hearts and pieces used to make a heart shaped cat valentine


From your construction paper cut the following pieces:

  • One large heart in color #1
  • One medium heart in color #1
  • 2 small hearts in color #1
  • 3 smaller hearts in color #2 (2 of these must fit inside the small hearts from the previous step)
  • A tail from color #1

This makes great cutting practice for kids who are getting better at fine motor control!


drawing the face on a heart shaped cat


Now we are ready to assemble!

The largest heart is the cat’s body. The medium heart will be the cat’s head. 

Place these 2 hearts with pointed sides overlapping (head on top) and glue together with a small amount of glue. 

Glue the 2 small hearts, pointed sides facing up onto the head. One on each “hump” of the medium heart. 

Place 2 of the hearts from color #2 inside the ears, pointed side up. 

And the final smallest heart is the nose. Glue it pointed side down in the middle of the cat’s face. 


cat valentine made out of 2 yellow hearts and pink and yellow hearts for the ears and nose


Glue the tail to the middle side of the bottom, body heart. 

Use the crayon to draw whiskers on either side of the nose and to draw a mouth. 

Place 2 googly eyes on above the nose. You can use whatever size you have on hand. We have a large multi-pack of self adhesive googly eyes that we use for all sorts of projects.

And that’s it! Now you have an adorable heart-shaped cat valentine!

You can make a whole family of them to give away on Valentine’s Day to friends or family, or use them as a fun decoration around the house!


Got Extra Paper? Here’s How to Use it:


If you are like me and cringe when you see all that excess paper after cutting out paper hearts, never fear….you can still use it!

Here’s a few ideas to use up excess paper and reduce the waste:

  • Use it for cutting practice for a young child
  • Cut more hearts! Seriously you can cut a gazillion hearts from all that scrap paper (save them to use in other animals and valentine’s crafts!)
  • Keep a scrap box. Okay- so this doesn’t actually USE the paper, but you can toss it in the scrap box instead of the trash and next time you need a particular color check the scrap box first and use those before getting a brand new piece. 


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