These free printable Valentine scavenger hunts are perfect for kids and families to enjoy together. Hand out the scavenger hunt sheets and add an extra layer of fun to your Valentine celebrations!

Kids love scavenger hunts. My kids love for me to make impromptu scavenger hunts in our home, yard, or neighborhood!

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Holidays, such as Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for a scavenger hunt because neighborhoods and cities tend to go all out in decorating for the season. So grab one of the Valentine Scavenger Hunt printables at the end of this article and head out for some good, old-fashioned, family fun!


valentine scavenger hunt with picture of kids with a heart shaped lollipop and heart shaped cookies


How to Have a Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Valentine’s Day scavenger hunts are so easy to do because there’s next to no prep work!

All you need is a few of the printable Valentine scavenger hunt sheets and a pen or marker to mark off all the things you find. That’s it! Easy-peasy!

Not sure exactly HOW to hold a Valentine scavenger hunt for kids? Here are a few tips to get you started. 

Choose an appropriate sheet for your needs. There are 3 different scavenger hunt sheets to choose from below:

  • A Valentine-themed word list
  • A Valentine-themed picture list 
  • A list using the letters of the word Valentine

The picture list is perfect for young kids who aren’t good at reading, they can simply look at the pictures. It’s also a shorter list for smaller attention spans. 

The word list is perfect for older kids and adults who can read and want the challenge of finding more items. 

And the VALENTINE list is great if you have less decorations and Valentine’s objects around–  you can find anything at all, as long as it starts with the correct letter. 

Give everyone their own sheet. You know, because sibling rivalry! If you only have one sheet for the whole family things can turn argumentative quickly. So use that ink and print out one for each person. 

Make your scavenger hunt a small competition. Again, siblings tend to love to compete– see who can find all their items first. You can even have some prizes back home for those who finish!

Collect the items or pictures of the items. Add another layer to your Valentine scavenger hunt by taking pictures of each of the items along the way. 


Tips for a Successful Valentine Scavenger Hunt

Here are a few tips for making your hunt go smoothly:

  • Dress for the weather. That means make sure to bring coats and hats if it’s cold. Remember Valentine’s Day is in the winter!
  • Use a clipboard. It can be frustrating to try and write on a flimsy piece of paper while on the move. Secure your scavenger hunt to a clipboard so you have a hard writing surface- and it won’t blow away!
  • Make sure you’re in a good location. Some items may be hard to find if you aren’t in a place that’s decorated for Valentine’s Day.


What if you have teens or tweens? Here are few ways to make the Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt more fun:

Take a Valentine SELFIE Scavenger Hunt: Teens love taking selfies, right? Have them take a selfie next to each of the objects listed.

Make it a Team Effort: Have a big group of teens or tweens? Split them into teams and have them race to finish the list first. 


Valentine Hunt FAQs:

How many copies do I need to print?

One per person is best. If you’re doing teams, then one per team.


What if I can’t find all the items on the list?

That’s fine! This is a fun activity to do with the whole family and it’s meant to be just that- fun! Just find as many as you can- and if it’s a competition, the one who finds the most is the winner.


Does the scavenger hunt have to be done on Valentine’s Day? 

Nope,  you can do it anytime in the month or so leading up to Valentine’s Day. 


Do I have to do the scavenger hunt outside?

Nope. While it’s probably easier to find some of the items outside you could totally think outside the box and do a scavenger hunt inside a store (like Hobby Lobby!) or even inside a shopping mall. Even a school or classroom can provide a nice place to search- as long as it’s decorated for Valentine’s Day!


Valentine Scavenger Hunt Prize Ideas

What kinds of things could you give out as prizes? Here are a few ideas:

  • Valentine stickers
  • Winter or Valentine books
  • Valentine pencils
  • Valentine Mini Erasers
  • Special Valentine cards or coupons
  • Extra treats! Such as Valentine cupcakes, cookies, or conversation hearts!


Download The Valentine Scavenger Hunt Printables


Valentine Scavenger Hunt #1

This Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt is picture based, making it perfect for younger kids who aren’t reading yet. 

They can visually see what to search for without reading the label. 

This hunt has 12 different items to search for.


valentine scavenger hunt example with pictures to find

Download the Valentine Scavenger Hunt Now


Valentine Scavenger Hunt #2

This extra long Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt has 28 different items to search for. 

This one is perfect for older kids and teens to complete!


valentine scavenger hunt example with a list of valentine objects to find

Download the Valentine Scavenger Hunt Now


Valentine Scavenger Hunt #3

Here’s a different version of a scavenger hunt. 

Instead of searching for specific Valentine’s Day items, you search for items that begin with each letter of the word Valentine!


valentine scavenger hunt using the word VALENTINE written vertically

Download the Valentine Scavenger Hunt Now

The PDF download includes all 3 different Valentine Scavenger Hunts in one file. 

Click below to download the scavenger hunts:

valentine scavenger hunt examples



This resource is available for you to use for free in your home, classroom, or group. It can not be sold or reproduced for commercial purposes. If you’d like to share the Valentine Scavenger Hunt, please share the link to this article instead of sharing the file directly. 

Just print them out and enjoy! 


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