Celebrate reading and Valentine with these fun, printable Valentine bookmarks for kids that you can download for free! Just cut them out- and color, in needed- and you have your own Valentine’s Day bookmarks for all of your reading adventures!

Use them for reading your favorite Valentine-themed chapter books or read alouds.

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You can even use them as gifts or treats for Valentine parties- or use them in place of Valentine Cards to pass out to your friends and family.


free printable halloween bookmarks for kids

Free Printable Valentine Bookmarks for Kids! (PDF)

There are 16 different fun, Valentine’s day bookmark designs to choose from. Including 8 full color Valentines bookmarks and 8 black and white Valentine bookmarks to color. 

You can print an entire sheet of 4 bookmarks or scroll down to the bottom to download all 16 of the Valentine bookmarks in one PDF file. 

The Valentine bookmarks are great for:

  • Using to mark your spot in your current novel or chapter book
  • To mark your spot in an Valentine activity book
  • Using as Valentine cards to pass out to friends or book-lovers
  • As a coloring activity at your Classroom or Valentine Party
  • As favors at your Valentine Party
  • Keeping in a basket in the book corner or reading nook
  • For gifts- along with a great book- to Valentine lovers

Just download, print, and enjoy!


Printable Dinosaur Valentine Bookmarks to Color

This set of 4 dinosaur bookmarks are the perfect alternative to traditional valentine cards!

Kids can print them out and color them, or allow the recipient to color them for themselves. 

Each one features a different dinosaur and message for Valentine’s Day!

Printable Valentine bookmarks! set of 4 black and white dinosaur themed valentine's day bookmarks

Or keep scrolling to download all of the Valentine Bookmarks in one PDF file.


Printable Valentine’s Day Bookmarks to Color

This set of 4 printable bookmarks are black and white- making them easy on your printer. They are also perfect for coloring. 

Kids- or teens- will love the intricate designs and can make them all their own!

Printable valentine's day bookmarks- set of 4 black and white bookmarks to color

Or keep scrolling to download all of the Valentine Bookmarks in one PDF file.


Printable Valentines Bookmarks- You’re #1 in My Book!

This set of 4 full, color printable bookmarks all feature the message You’re #1 in my Book!

Each one is in a different color with a different book design.

There are perfect to give to the readers in your life!

printable valentine bookmarks. set of 4 in different colors with test you're #1 in my book

Or keep scrolling to download all of the Valentine Bookmarks in one PDF file.

Printable Valentine’s Day Bookmarks in Full Color

The final set of bookmarks are also full color. 

They each feature a different Valentine message such as you are mine or kiss me.

These are the perfect way to tell someone how much they mean to you!

printable valentine bookmarks in various colors with valentine messages: you are mine, you're the best, kiss me, and you + me

Or keep scrolling to download all of the Valentine Bookmarks in one PDF file.


Download All of the Valentine Bookmarks in One File!

Can’t decide which Valentine bookmark to choose? Download them all!

Get all 16 designs in one PDF file.

All you have to to is download, cut them out, and you’re ready to read!

Download All of the Halloween Bookmarks in One File! Free printable halloween bookmarks for coloring, printing, school or classroom, pdf, elementary grades, print, download.


Please remember that these Valentine’s bookmarks are for your personal or classroom use only. They cannot be used in any commercial fashion. If you’d like to share this resource with a friend, please give them the link to this page so they can download it themselves. Please don’t share the file directly. Thank you!


Get the Most Out of Your Valentine Bookmarks!

Since these Valentine’s Day bookmarks are printable- they will only be as strong as the materials you print them on!

I suggest printing the bookmarks on cardstock for extra durability. 

Laminating will also increase their durability. If you don’t have a laminator, a strip of packing tape placed on either side of the bookmark can help prevent tearing and extend the life of bookmark. 

Alternatively, you can print the bookmarks on regular printer paper and glue them to colored cardstock or cardboard with a glue stick. 

Poke a hole in the top and tie a ribbon around it for an extra special bookmark!


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