Want to make a fun valentine’s crafts with your kids? Learn how to make this heart shaped frog valentine craft- great for giving to friends or displaying around the house on Valentine’s Day!

This frog was the first heart-shaped paper animal my kids and I made together. I think it turned out super cute and looks like a frog. 

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My older kids looked at me and shook their heads, saying NO WAY did it look like a frog. But  you know what, I am going with the little kids, who thought it looked exactly like a frog and wanted to make lots more of them!

If you want to make your own frog-valentine– here’s how!



How to Make a Paper Heart Shaped Frog Valentine


Animals are one of my favorite ways to make Valentine’s, and here’s an easy heart shaped frog that’s quick and easy to make!

Here are the supplies you’ll need to make this craft:

Depending on the age of the child you are working with, you can pre-cut your pieces or help them cut them out themselves. 

But allowing them to cut out the hearts themselves is great cutting practice and builds small muscle control!


5 green paper hearts, 2 tiny white paper hearts, a tiny red paper heart, and 2 googly eyes


From the construction paper cut the following:

  • 2 medium size green hearts (same size)
  • 1 medium-small green heart 
  • 2 small green hearts (same size)
  • 2 tiny white hearts
  • 1 tiny red heart

Once you have all of your pieces cut out, it’s time to assemble. 

I suggest placing everything together before gluing so you get a feel for how it all should lay, then glue the pieces together. 


green frog made out of 5 green paper hearts glued together with white heart eyes and a red heart mouth and 2 googly eyes


Start with the 2 medium sized hearts. Together these hearts will create the body and legs of your paper frog. 

Place them side by side, pointed side down. Glue them together so they are slightly overlapping. 

Now take your medium-small green heart. This is your head. 

Glue the head, pointed side down, onto the body hearts. It should be glued in the center of the 2 hearts, where they overlap. 

Now take the small green hearts and glue them, pointed side up,  onto the points of the body. These are your frog’s feet. 


green frog made out of 5 green paper hearts glued together with white heart eyes and a red heart mouth

Now all that’s left is the mouth and eyes!

The 2 tiny white hearts are the frog’s eyes. Glue them, pointed side down, on the very top of your frog’s head- one on each “hump”. They should stick above the head a little bit as shown in the picture. 

Take 2 googly eyes and place them on top of these tiny white hearts. You can use whatever size you have on hand. We have a large multi-pack of self adhesive googly eyes that we use for all sorts of projects. Just make sure they are slightly smaller than the white hearts. 

Finally, glue the tiny red heart, pointed side down,  in the center of the head. This is the mouth. 

And it’s done!

Now you have a super cute Valentine frog to share or decorate with!


Got extra paper? Here’s what to do:


I hate seeing all the waste after doing craft projects with the kids, but don’t toss it out! Use these ideas instead:

  • Use it for cutting practice!
  • Fill up a scarp box- and be sure to check there before grabbing a new piece on your next project
  • Cut more hearts (or other shapes). You never know when you might need paper shapes for a craft!

I love cutting a million hearts out of the paper scraps. I keep them in a box in our craft cabinet. It reduces waste and it also encourages my kids to use their own imaginations and come up with their own paper heart valentine creations!

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