Want to make a fun valentine’s crafts with your kids? Learn how to make this heart shaped panda valentine craft- great for giving to friends or displaying around the house on Valentine’s Day!

Panda’s have got to be one of the cutest animals on the planet right??

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A few years ago my kids were obsessed with watching the “Panda Cam” from the Atlanta Zoo- keeping it up all day long watching the baby pandas and their mother as they went about their day. 

Now you can make your own paper panda for valentine’s day- that’s almost as cute as the real thing!


heart shaped panda valentine text with a black and white panda made from paper hearts


How to Make a Paper Heart Shaped Panda Valentine


Animals are one of my favorite ways to make Valentine’s, and here’s an easy heart shaped panda that’s quick and easy to make!

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Depending on the age of the child you are working with, you can pre-cut your pieces or help them cut them out themselves.  

Drawing the lines and allowing your child to cut along them is great cutting practice!


one large white heart and 5 small black paper heart and 2 googly eyes


From the construction paper cut the following:

  • One large white heart
  • 2 small black hearts (wider than long)
  • 2 small black hearts (taller than wide)
  • One very small black heart

Now it’s time to assemble all the pieces and make the panda!

Start with the large white heart. This is your head. Place it pointed side down on your work space. 


large white paper heart with black paper hearts ears, eyes, and nose glued together to looking like a panda


Next take the 2 fatter, small black hearts. These are your panda’s ears. Glue them pointed side up onto the white heart. 

They should be placed one on each “hump” of the heart. 

Now grab the 2 taller, small black hearts. These are the mask of your panda. 

Glue them in the center of the white heart, pointed sides facing each other, but with the points slightly angled up, as shown in the picture. 

Finally take the smallest black heart and glue it,  pointed side down, on the bottom center of the white heart. This is the panda’s nose. 


large white paper heart with black paper hearts glued together to looking like a panda


Now all that’s left is the eyes and mouth!

Put your googly eyes on the edges of the black hearts in the center of the head, close to the points. You can use whatever size you have on hand. We have a large multi-pack of self adhesive googly eyes that we use for all sorts of projects.

Use your black crayon or marker to draw a mouth coming down from the nose. 

And it’s all done! 

Now you  have a super cute panda made out of paper hearts! Perfect for giving away on Valentine’s or for decorating the house.


Got extra paper? Here’s what to do:


I hate seeing all the waste after doing craft projects with the kids, but don’t toss it out! Use these ideas instead:

  • Use it for cutting practice!
  • Fill up a scarp box- and be sure to check there before grabbing a new piece on your next project
  • Cut more hearts (or other shapes). You never know when you might need paper shapes for a craft!

I love cutting a million hearts out of the paper scraps. I keep them in a box in our craft cabinet. It reduces waste and it also encourages my kids to use their own imaginations and come up with their own paper heart valentine creations!


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