We’ve done all sorts of egg dying over the year- some from premade kits purchased from the store. Some last minute food coloring and vinegar deals. But decorating Easter eggs using crayons is one of my favorites.

I know what you are thinking- drawing on Easter eggs with crayons? What’s so special about that? But there’s more to it than that. This is decorating HOT eggs with crayons.

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The wax melts as it colors and creates a neat look that can be cooled as is or rubbed with a paper towel to soften the lines and the look of the finished egg.


Easter Crafts: Decorate Easter Eggs using crayons for a fun new look!


How to Decorate Easter Eggs Using Crayons! {Caution: HOT!}


All you need to make these eggs:

Crayons- paper wrapping removed makes it a bit easier.

Fresh hard-boiled eggs- straight from the stove

Paper towels

Glove/cloth- for holding the super hot egg



I recommend NOT doing this with really young kids. I would say maybe 5 and up. They need to be old enough to understand that the egg is HOT and how to hold it so that they don’t hurt themselves.

Using a glove or cloth (or oven mit or shirt sleeve…) hold the egg and draw the desired design on your egg.

Here’s what the design looks like freshly drawn:



If you wish,you can rub the egg gently with a paper towel to soften the lines. The longer you let the crayon sit on the egg the bolder the colors will be. Here;s what the Easter egg pictured above looked after rubbing:



I love how it looks kind of like water colors!

Then just keep on decorating until you have a whole set of Easter eggs!

And your table won’t be covered with dye!



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