Are you hosting an Easter egg hunt this year or need to fill some eggs for your kids’ Easter baskets? Here are over 70 things to put in Easter eggs for kids!

Are you looking for something special to put in your kid’s Easter eggs this year? We’ve got you covered! With 70 different ideas, from practical to fun, there’s something here that is sure to make the celebration extra special.

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From treats and toys to little surprises and printables, these egg-cellent ideas will keep the kiddos entertained on both Easter day and beyond! Read on for some adorable (and delicious!) inspiration.


70 things to put in easter eggs for kids 


70 Things to Put in Easter Eggs for Kids This Easter

We’ve compiled a huge variety of treats ranging from non-candy items like printables, coins, or tiny toys; to delicious snacks like gummy bears, chocolate, or jelly beans.

No matter how young or old the kiddos are – there’s something on the list that’ll bring them joy and make their faces light up when they find it!

So let’s hop right into it- Here are 70 fun things you can use fill those colorful eggs with.


Non-Candy, Non-Edible Egg Fillers

Lego Mini-Figures

Tiny Animals or Dinosaurs

Bouncy Balls

Hot Wheels cars

Temporary Tattoos


Chapstick/Lip Gloss

Hair Ribbons/Scrunchies

Nail Stickers

Nail Polish



Puzzle Pieces (collect them all to make the puzzle!)


Sidewalk chalk eggs

Crayon eggs/ Crayon rocks

Fidget Toys


nail polish as an idea to put in easter eggs


Mini Glow Sticks




Charms (for bracelet/necklaces)

Painted Rocks

Money- coins or bills


Mini-Toys (like these tiny Rubiks cubes!)

Key Chains

Mini Play-Doh (or make your own and divide it into different eggs!)

Craft Supplies (googly eyes, pom-poms, sequins, etc)

Friendship bracelets (or supplies to DIY)

Self Inking Stamps

Crystals or Minerals 

Crack Your Own Geodes

Sea Shells

Flower or Veggie Seeds

Tickets for an outing- movie, sports game, zoo, etc

Mini Pop-its

Slime (here are a few recipes to make: fire slime or glow in the dark slime)

Mini-Card Games (like this tiny Uno Game!)


Gift Certificates


Folded Up Coloring Pages (here are some free Easter Coloring Pages to print!)

Stress Balls

Fun Socks

Clues to find a larger gift or their Easter Basket

Egg Shakers (like Maracas!)


easter eggs filled with small toys- minifigure, dinosaur, truck


Edible Egg Fillers for Kids

Goldfish Crackers/Cheddar Bunnies

Fruit Snacks


Jelly Beans

Chocolate Coins


Nuts- almonds, peanuts, cashews, etc

Dried Fruit- raisins, cranberries, pineapple

Banana Chips


Graham Cracker Bites

Gummy Bears/Gummy Worms

Chocolate covered raisins/nuts


Mini-Candy Bars


Peanut Butter Crackers

Trail Mix

Gummy Bears


Things to Put in Eggs Especially for Teens and Tweens

Mini-Tools (such as a pocket knife or multi-tool )

Ear Buds

Make Up

USB Flash Drive

Various amounts of cash (perfect for a teen-only, egg hunt challenge!)


halloween eggs filled with glowsticks to make them glow in the dark


Once you’ve stuffed your eggs, it’s time for some fun! Here are just a few ways you can use your eggs:

As Easter Basket Fillers

This is the traditional use for filled eggs. Kids love the surprise of opening up all those eggs on Easter morning!

For a Family (or Group) Egg Hunt

Scatter the eggs around your yard and let the kids find them! You can hide them as easily or as hard as you want. 

As an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Assign each child a color of egg and have them search the house for just that color. Make sure to keep count of how many eggs you hid of each color!


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