Butterfly crafts are always fun for kids of all ages. And if your toddlers or preschoolers are like mine, they are always up for getting out the paint, glue, glitter and any other various art supplies you have on hand!

Here are 21 great butterfly crafts and activities that are perfect for toddler and preschoolers- and maybe their older siblings too!

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Butterfly Crafts: Do your kids love butterflies? Keep them occupied with these 21 fun butterfly crafts and activities for toddlers and preschoolers!


21 Fun Butterfly Crafts and Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

When it comes to activities for toddlers, simple is best. These activities are easy for them to complete with minimal help and gives them a chance to be independently creative. I urge everyone to remember the process is more important than the outcome- so use these butterfly activities as jumping off points. Let your toddler personalize his craft however he wishes!


Butterfly Crafts for Toddlers (and older)


Coffee Filter Butterflies

This is such a simple activity for even the  youngest toddlers. All you need is some markers, a coffee filter and a clothes pin or pipe cleaner for the body!

Get instruction on how to make it here: Super Simple Coffee Filter Butterfly


Paper Bag Butterfly Puppet

Paper bag puppets are the easiest puppets to make. And this butterfly version is super cute!


Butterfly B

Teaching letters doesn’t have to be boring! This is a super simple butterfly activity for older toddlers and preschoolers. Cut out 2 big capital letter B’s for the butterfly’s wings. If you have a preschooler let him do the cutting!

Let your child decorate the B wings however they choose!



Or try making a suncatcher for a fun variation! Here’s how to make a Letter B Butterfly Sucatcher


Butterfly Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are perfect rainy day activities for toddlers. It’s like a sandbox but more fun! There are so many ways you could do a butterfly sensory bin- pasta, rice, plastic butterflies,

This bin uses shaped pasta to explore the butterfly life cycle. Or this sensory bin with plastic butterflies and green rice is super cute.  Or you can use lentils and plastic butterflies and scoops!


Hand Print butterflies

I love hand print crafts for toddlers! Something about remembering how tiny their hands used to be! Use bright colored paper and hang them in the window for a colorful spring decoration!


Playdough Butterfly Activity

All toddlers love playdough- adding butterfly shaped cookie cutters, some cut up pipe cleaners, and some beads to create their own beautiful butterflies! Or you could give them supplies to make their own playdough butterfly garden.


Stained Glass Butterfly

I love using contact paper in place of glue for toddler activities. And this butterfly craft uses pieces of tissue paper and contact paper to make a stained glass butterfly!


Paper Plate and Pom Pom butterflies

Paper plates are a great crafting medium for young kids! And these butterflies with paper plate wings and pom pom bodies are so adorable!


Sponge Painting Butterfly Craft

My kids love to paint with things that aren’t paintbrushes- so painting butterfly shapes with a bath sponge sounds so fun!


Toilet Paper Tube Butterfly

This butterfly craft kept my 2 year old busy for quite awhile. There are so many variation you can do!

You can paint the toilet paper tube and cut out paper wings.  My son went to town with painting the body and glittering the wings!

Remember letting them take the lead on crafts is so important!



Or you can use paper to cover the toilet paper tube and make fun, tye-dye wings out of a coffee filter. Here’s how to make that one: Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly with Coffee Filter Wings


Butterfly Activities and Crafts for Preschoolers


Butterfly Symmetry Activity

Toddlers may have trouble painting on one side of the paper- this this butterfly activity is just right for preschoolers! And it’s a fun way to learn about symmetry!

Use one of these butterfly templates for the kids to paint on. 


Make a Butterfly Feeder

Watching butterflies in real life is so much fun! Making your own butterfly feeder with beads is a great activity for preschoolers!


Decorated Butterfly Collage

I love this directed collage activity! Give your kids a tray of collage makings supplies and let them work on creating their own decorated butterfly!


Butterfly Life Cycle with Pasta

Pasta comes in all shapes and colors- including some that look exactly like the stages of a butterfly’s life cycle! I love this pasta bracelet craft for older preschoolers!



Collect and Grow Your Own Butterflies

Nothing beats seeing butterflies first hand. Take your preschoolers outside and search for caterpillar to bring in and watch them change into butterflies!


Woven Butterfly Craft Stick

These woven butterflies are perfect for older preschoolers who love to craft. All you need is yarn and craft sticks for the wings and some pipe cleaners and beads for the body. The final project is something to be proud of!


Beaded Butterfly Activity

These beaded butterflies are super cute and great for helping develop those small hand muscles!


Decorated Pasta Butterfly Art

Bow Tie Pasta is the perfect butterfly shape! Let your preschoolers paint or color the pasta and then create a work of art by gluing their butterflies down!


Butterfly Snack Bags

Who knew a snack sized Ziploc bag could transform into butterfly wings for a great snack!


Butterfly Pretzel Snacks

Preschoolers love to help make meals- and did you know pretzels are perfect for butterfly wings? Make candied butterflies with pretzels and chocolate or a healthy butterfly snack with celery and peanut butter with pretzel wings!


Tissue Paper Butterfly Craft

I  love the Tissue Paper Butterfly Craft featured in this post. It’s a great small motor activity for preschoolers too!


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