Do you have a preschool child at home? Here are 28 fun, festive, and HEATLHY preschool Christmas party snacks to bring to the holiday party this year!

The holidays are a fun time of year- full of celebrations and parties. It can be hard to keep your kid’s sugar intake to a low level during the holiday season.

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Do you have a preschool Christmas party this season and want to bring a more healthy snack to share with the kids?

It’s easier than you think to make kid’s snacks healthy- all you need is to focus on real food like fruit, vegetables and proteins!

Sometimes it as simple as packaging or plating your healthy snacks in a Christmas-y way! 

So ditch the cookies, candies, and sugar filled pre-packages snacks, and choose one of these healthy preschool Christmas party snacks instead!


28 healthy preschool Christmas party snacks with images of christmas snacks


Delicious & Healthy Preschool Christmas Party Snacks

Fruit and Veggie Preschool Christmas Party Snack Ideas

Fruit is full of natural sweetness that kids love. And vegetables are full of color and nutrients.

Choose some of these healthy fruit and vegetable ideas for your child's holiday party snacks.

Healthy Christmas Party Snacks Featuring Cheese

Cheese is a wonderful option for a kids' snacks.

It's full of protein and calcium- and most kids love it!

Do you want o bring something a little more substantial and meal-like for your child's preschool Christmas party?

Make up a platter of one of these sandwiches for the kids!

Preschool Christmas Party Drink Ideas

No preschool Christmas party would be complete without drinks! Here are some fun ideas for both juice boxes or water bottles to make them more festive and holiday-themed.

Don't forget to opt for 100% juice as opposed to punch, soda, or juice cocktail.

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