Kids love dinosaurs? Here are more than 17 of the best dinosaur books for toddlers for hours of dinosaur reading!

Dinosaurs have thrilled young children for generations. I know that my own kids, all 6 of them, have always loved and obsessed over dinosaurs. 

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We have no less than 10 non-fiction dinosaur encyclopedia-type books on our shelves, most of them ratty and their binding on the last leg after years and years of use. 

So what are the best dinosaur books for young readers? Best dinosaur books for read-alouds?

Below are the time-tested, mom-approved, best dinosaur books for toddlers (and, really, kids of all ages)


The BEST Dinosaur Books for Toddlers


The Best Dinosaur Books for Toddlers (and Up!)


I am going to start with the book list of our personal favorites. All of these dinosaur books have been favorites for ALL 6 of my kids, and I know your children will love them too. 


how do dinosaurs series


The How Do Dinosaurs….. Series


How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon

How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Room

How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday


Well, you get the picture! This dinosaur book series is perfect for reading aloud to toddlers. They are all great picture books with bold illustrations featuring Dinosaurs (with very human, and toddler, characteristics!).


Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs

I fell in love with Sandra Boyton books when I read them to my nephew as a teenager. They are just so much fun!

Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs is one of Boyton’s older dinosaur books but it’s still a favorite. 

And the fact that it’s a board book makes it easy for toddlers to hold and read themselves. 


dinosaur books- big book of dinosaurs


The FIRST Big Book of Dinosaurs

This National Geographic books is non-fiction, but if you want a fact-based dinosaur book for your toddler, this is the best. 

The First Big Book of Dinosaurs is full of bright, big pictures of realistic dinosaurs along with facts and easy to digest information. This is one of our most looked at dinosaur books!


The Magic School Bus: In the Time of The Dinosaurs

You can’t go wrong with the Magic School Bus books. They are so full of information and have such a fun story too. 

In the time of the dinosaurs gives an overview of history, dinosaur fossils, and paleontology.

This is a good dinosaur book for kids of all ages, not just toddlers!


dinosaur books- magic school bus


Little Grunt and the Big Egg

As a parent I grew up reading Tomie De Paola books, and this dinosaur-themed book is my boys’ favorite. Little Grunt and the Big Egg is about a little cave boy who finds a large egg. 

Surprise! It hatches out a great big dinosaur! 

I am sure this will be a favorite dinosaur picture book for your kids as well!


Dinosaur Roar

Another book from my pre-kid years that I loved reading to kids in my classroom. In fact it was such a favorite that, Dinosaur Roar was one of the first books I bought when I became a parent myself. 

This is a simple dinosaur book that teaches opposites such as above/below, strong/weak in a short, sweet rhyme.
I guarantee as a parent you will have the book memorized in no time!


The Mine-o-Saur

Do you have a kid who needs a little help learning to share? The Mine-o-saur is a fun book with a dino who thinks everything is his. 

Throughout the story he learns to go from yelling “Mine!” to sharing with others. 

And I have to admit that the title stuck with many in my family, and it’s not uncommon to hear my kids calling each other out as a “mine-o-saur”!


Dinosaurs Before Dark

Okay, so I am fully aware that this is technically as chapter book, which may lead you to think it is definitely not a dinosaur book for toddlers, but hear me out….

The Magic Tree House books are fabulous. They are the perfect blend of easy, story, and fact. 

I first read Dinosaurs Before Dark out loud to my oldest when we has 4 years old. This meant he had a 2 year old and under 1 year old brother at home. 

And my toddler listened just as intently as I read aloud! The chapters are short and sweet, so it’s a great way to help young toddlers increase their attention span as you read from a book that doesn’t have as many pictures. 


dinosaur books for kids


Danny and the Dinosaur

Danny and the Dinosaur (and the ones where they celebrate their Birthday and Go to Camp) are my current youngest’s favorite books. 

I love them because they are simple to read and understand and it sets toddlers up for some good pre-reading skills- especially when my kids memorize them early on!


Other Fun Dinosaur Books for Toddlers


So those are some of my family’s personal favorites, but here even more dinosaur books your toddler will love. Some we’ve gotten a time or 2 at the library and some are just highly recommended by friends and teachers. 


Dinosaur Stomp!  Another title from Paul Strickland, author of Dinosaur Roar! This fun pop-up dinosaur book is sure to be a favorite!


Dinosaur Dance: A newer dinosaur board book from the ever popular Sandra Boyton. Short, sweet, and easy to read.


Dinosaurs Galore! A bright, colorful book by Giles Andreae. Your toddler will love the bright colors and funny rhymes in this dinosaur book. 


Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs: We read these books year and years ago, before they were turned into an TV series. Toddlers and young readers will love the magic and the dinosaur friends. 


The Dinosaur Alphabet Book: I absolutely LOVE Jerry Pallotta’s Alphabet Books. We own quite a few, actually, and the Dinosaur edition is fabulous!


Dinosaur Bones: Fun illustrations, paired with a simple dino-themed poem and tidbits of information for your dinosaur enthusiast. 


Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia: This dinosaur book comes from the Smithsonian, and is a beautiful visual guide to dinosaurs. Sure, it has lots of information and text that toddlers might not care about, but they will love the images!


National Geographic DINOS! Sticker Book: What toddler doesn’t love stickers? So this sticker book is the perfect combination of stickers and dinosaurs! I actually got this for my 10 year old and his toddler brother kept trying to steal it!

(*tip: sticker books are great for long car rides with toddlers!)


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