Kids LOVE dinosaurs. It seems that all kids go through a phase where they are obsessed with these giant prehistoric reptiles. And luckily dinosaurs lend themselves to a lot of fun activities and crafts!

Here are 15 dinosaur crafts or activities to indulge your dino-loving preschooler for days and days!

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Dinosaur Crafts for Kids: It seems all kids go through a phase where they love dinosaurs. Here are 15 dinosaur crafts or activities to indulge your dino-loving preschooler for days and days!


15 Dinosaur Crafts and Activities for Preschoolers


Pasta Skeletons

Pasta is a fun medium to work with- and kids just love to create with it. And all the different pasta shapes can create an amazing dinosaur skeleton!

Shell heads, elbow pasta ribs, rotini for legs or necks.

You can find a skeleton print out and some other fun dinosaur activities that use pasta on Pre Kinders.


Build a Dino Shape Activity

If you give a child a pile of shapes, what can they make? A dinosaur of course! This fun dinosaur activity from Little Family Fun- is all about creating your own dinosaur out of various shapes.

Get the full instructions on Little Family Fun.


Egg Carton Dinosaur Hat

What kid doesn’t love to dress up and pretend to be a dinosaur? This super fun- and simple- egg carton dinosaur hat allows them to create and then play as they stomp around as a ferocious dinosaur!

All you need is a the center spikes of a cardboard egg carton and some paints.

Get the full instructions for this dinosaur craft at Crafty Morning.


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Make Your Own Fossils

This is a really simple but fun dinosaur activity. All you need is some air dry clay and some small dinosaur figures.

Roll a few balls of clay and flatten them with your hand or a rolling pin. Press the dinosaur figures into the clay to create an imprint of the dinosaurs.

You can see the finished product in the image above. We poked a hole in each round and hung them up on string.


Cardboard Tube Dinosaur Skeleton

Do you save your cardboard toilet paper or paper towel rolls just knowing you can find something crafty to do with them? Check out this fun dinosaur activity from Your Modern Family.

All you need is an assortment of cardboard tubes and some kids who are willing to work together to figure out how to create a dinosaur out of them.

Get all the details at Your Modern Family.


Dinosaur Painting

Another fun dinosaur activity featuring your child’s toy dinosaurs is to turn them into paint brushes!

Set out some shallow trays of tempera paint and allow your child to walk their dinosaurs through the paint and then stomp them all over their paper.

Such fun to make painted dino tracks!



Ice Archaeology

Looking for a great summer dinosaur activity for your preschooler? This ice archaeology is so much fun and a great way to keep cool!

Gather some prehistoric toys or dinosaur bones and freeze them into a big block of ice (a great use for your tupperware!). Once your blocks are frozen solid it’s time to dig.

Give your child some tools- a hammer, a paint brush, a butter knife- whatever you can find- and allow them to chip away the ice to reveal the prehistoric finds inside!


Hand Print Dinosaur Painting

I love hand print crafts- and dinosaurs are so cute to make! And all it takes is some tempera or finger paints and some creative kids!

Make the fingers pointing up for stegosaurus spikes. Make the fingers pointing down for 4 legs and a thumb for a tail.

Your little artist can add extras like faces and tail spikes to make the dinosaur their own!


Tissue Paper Dinosaur

This simple dinosaur craft is perfect for keeping a preschooler busy- and a fun way to work on those small muscles!

All you need is cardboard, tissue paper, and glue- and your child can make a fun dinosaur shape to play with!

Get all the details on Mom Unleashed.



Make a Volcano

This is what we did as kids right? Volcanoes are a natural extension of studying dinosaurs and I don’t know about yours, but my kids LOVE to create baking soda and vinegar explosions!

This is a fun outdoor activity- grab an old water bottle from the recycle bin, find some mud and let them make their own volcano. This can be as involved as they want to get- twig and branch trees along the bottom. Toy dinosaurs wandering around the base.

When the volcano is ready, place some baking soda in the bottle (a funnel helps) remember the more you use the bigger the explosion. And then add some vinegar (red food dye makes great lava!).

Then stand back and watch the lava flow!


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Volcano Silhouette Craft

If it’s rainy outside, or maybe your kids don’t want to play in the mud, you can make this volcano art project instead.

The lava colored background looks great behind the black volcano cut out.

This is a great craft for all ages. Learn how to make the Volcano Silhouette Project.


Make Dinosaur Eggs

Did you know you can make your own dinosaur eggs? This is a fun, stem activity to do with your toy dinosaurs. 

Make your own dinosaur eggs with baking soda and water. Hide your plastic “baby” dinosaurs inside and let them dry.

Then you can make them hatch! Get all the details on making your own Baking Soda Dinosaur Eggs (this one might even be more fun than the volcano!)



Dino Dig Sensory Bin

Sometimes you just need a mess-free dinosaur activity. And this Dinosaur Dig sensory bottle is just perfect.

This bottle would be great for in the car or for use while waiting for appointments or at a restaurant.

Learn how to make your own from Keep Calm and Mommy On.


Paper Plate Dinosaur Mask

Paper plates are an inexpensive way to make masks of any kind.

You can make an easy dinosaur mask by painting a paper plate, adding some spikes or horns along the head and cutting 2 holes for the eyes.

Use string, yarn, or even just staple a paper strap to hold the mask in place.


Make Dinosaur Feet

Turn tissue boxes into fun dinosaur feet!

Grab a couple boxes, decorate them in color- don’t forget the claws- and your kids now have dinosaur feet to go with their mask or egg carton dinosaur hat!

See how A Bird and Bean made their Tissue Box Dinosaur Feet.


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