Do you have a child who needs to memorize their multiplication facts? Use these free printable multiplication charts and multiplication wheels to help them learn their times tables!

Multiplication charts and wheels are invaluable tools for kids when they need to learn their multiplication facts and times tables. Multiplication facts need to be memorized before kids can move on to more complex math problems, so spending time to really solidify the multiplication tables in their minds is very important. 

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The following free printable multiplication charts can be used as student reference tools or as practice for your 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, or 5th grade child- or child of any age who needs help committing their multiplication facts to memory.

Below you will find a variety of multiplication charts available for download to use in your home or classroom. These 12 x 12 multiplication charts come in color or black & white, as well as completed and blank. Choose the chart that meets your needs best- or download them all!

multiplication charts and wheels with picture examples



Free 12 x 12 Multiplication Charts

These charts cover the multiplication facts from 0 to 12. Click on the picture or on the link below each picture for immediate download. 

The left column and top row have the different factors to be multiplied together. 

Use these times table charts to help your child learn multiplication skills, properties of multiplication, solve simple multiplication problems, identify square numbers, and as a handy reference for their student binder.


Colorful 12 x 12  Printable Multiplication Chart:

This free printable multiplication chart is full color and is completed. It can be printed out used as a resource or memory device. 

Download the 12 x 12 Multiplication Chart


Printable Blank Multiplication Chart:

This times table chart is the same as the first chart, but it is blank. It is in full color, with each number facts in a different color. This helps kids keep their lines straight and their facts correct.

Download the Blank 12 x 12 Multiplication Chart


Black and White 12 x 12 Multiplication Chart: 

This completed multiplication table is the same as above, but in black and white. Perfect for classroom use or for those without color printers. 


Blank 12 x 12 Multiplication Chart in Black and White:

This chart is the same as above, only blank. It’s perfect for classroom or school use to test the child’s knowledge of all of the multiplication facts. 

Download the Blank B&W Multiplication Chart


Multiplication Chart- Diagonal Highlight

This multiplication chart highlights the squares of all of the numbers 1-12. 

multiplication chart diagonal highlightDownload Diagonal Highlight Chart Now


List Facts Multiplication Chart:

This times table chart is in a list format with the facts listed in their own box. This chart can be printed and placed in your child’s math binder for an easy reference sheet. This chart features the facts from 0-12.

Download the Completed List Multiplication Fact Chart


Blank List Multiplication Chart: 

This free printable times table is the same as the one above, but is blank. It has a place for your child to fill in all of the multiplication facts from 0-12. 

Download the Blank List Multiplication Chart


Printable Multiplication Fact Bookmarks:

If your child is having trouble memorizing a certain times table, you can use these multiplication fact bookmarks to keep the facts in front of them at all times. They can easily reference it when needed to help them as them memorize the facts. There are 12 bookmarks in this pack for numbers 1-12.

Download the Multiplication Fact Bookmarks 


Free Printable Multiplication Wheels for Math Practice

Multiplication wheels are a different spin on multiplication charts. They are a special kind of multiplication worksheet that contains wheels that each focus on a different number. 

To complete the multiplication wheel your child multiplies the center number by each number on the spoke of the wheel and then write the answer in the space beside that number. It’s a good way to provide repetition for your child as they learn their multiplication facts. 

Below there are 3 different multiplication wheels to choose from:


12 x 12 Multiplication Wheels: 

This printable multiplication worksheet has 12 different multiplication wheels- and goes from 1 times 1 all the way to 12 times 12. and has space to write the answers to 12 different multiplication facts per wheel. The facts are placed in order for easier completion. 

They are perfect for daily practice of the times tables.

Download the 12 x 12 Multiplication Wheels


Color Multiplication Wheels Worksheets:

This set of multiplication wheels has a wheel for each number 1-12, but features only 8 facts per wheel and the numbers are random and not in order.

Download the Color Multiplication Wheel Worksheets


Black and White Multiplication Wheels Worksheets:

This set of multiplication wheels is the same as the one above, but is in black and white. It  is perfect for classroom use or for those with no color printer. 

Download the Black and White Multiplication Wheel Worksheets


How to Use Multiplication Charts and Wheels for Learning

Not sure what to do with these free multiplication charts? Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate them into your learning:

Print out the completed multiplication chart and laminate it or place it in a page protector. All your child to keep it in their math binder  or homeschool binder for an easy reference sheet while doing their math work. This may seem like cheating, but even if they have to look up the answer to the facts as they work, it will help them commit the fact to memory. 

Print out the blank multiplication chart (either the grid or the list) and have your child complete one weekly. You can increase the difficulty as their memorization improves by adding a timer to their work. Have them try to beat their time each week or see how many problems they can finish in 1-5 minutes.

Print out the Multiplication Wheels for your child whenever it seems like they need extra practice or for extra credit on their math grade. 

The key to memorizing the multiplication facts is a lot of repetition. So the more your child sees the facts and multiplication tables the more quickly they will commit the facts to memory. 


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