Do you have a preschooler learning his letters and their sounds? Make this letter B butterfly craft to help identify the letter B and teach the letter b sound!

Learning the letters and their sounds doesn’t have to be boring and simple repetition! Crafts are a great way to bring learning to life and help kids process the knowledge while they create. 

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If you are looking for letter and letter sound crafts- here’s a great one for the letter B. 

This letter B butterfly craft features wings shaped like a capital B and it’s a butterfly which, of course, starts with the b sound!

Here’s how to make this fun letter B suncatcher with your preschooler!


letter b butterfly suncatcher


How to Make this Suncatcher Letter B Butterfly Craft

Here are the supplies you need to create this letter b craft:

  • 1-2 pieces of black construction paper
  • 2 Googly eyes
  • Tissue paper in various colors- cut into small squares/pieces
  • Clear contact paper

You will also need scissors and scotch tape.


supplies for letter b suncatcher butterfly


To start, let’s make your letter Bs. Fold the black construction paper in half and cut out a capital letter B so that you have 2 Bs that are identical. I did mine free hand, but feel free to use a pencil to draw the letter first. 

I suggest making the outline somewhat thin so that you have lots of space to fill inside. 

Next, roll out a piece of clear contact paper that is large enough for both of your Bs to fit on. Roll it out sticky side up and remove the backing. 

You will probably need to tape the corners down on your surface to prevent it from rolling up on itself and to prevent little hands from moving it around too much. 

Stick your capitals Bs onto the contact paper. You have 2 choices here: place the Bs so that the straight sides are touching or leave a space between them.

We chose to cut our B shaped wings out separately and attach them to a central body, but you can also cut them out as one piece and not have a “body” 


placing tissue paper on letter Bs on contact paper


Next, have your preschooler fill in all of the empty space inside the letter B with tissue paper pieces. Encourage them to use lots of colors and fill in ALL the spaces. 

Help fill in everywhere so you can no longer see your surface through the contact paper. 

Once both sides are completely filled, it’s time to cut the wings out. 

Depending on your child and their scissor skills,  you can have them cut the wings out or you can do it for them. 


letter B "wings" covered in tissue paper and contact paper


We cut ours out in 2 separate pieces, if you choose to do that you will need to cut out a long, oval shape body to fix both the wings to. 

Use tape to connect the wings to the body- glue won’t stick too well to contact paper!

Then take 2 googly eyes and stick them to the top of the body. We have a large multi-pack of self adhesive googly eyes that’s perfect for all sorts of crafts- and I LOVE that they are self adhesive!


Letter B sun catcher butterfly craft hanging in a window


That’s it! Your letter B butterfly is ready to hang! 

Let your preschooler choose a sunny window to display it in.


Ways to Extend This Letter B Craft

Crafts are great, but they are even better when they are accompanied by discussions and other extensions. Here are some ideas on extending the learning beyond just this letter B butterfly craft:

Talk about the sound B makes. There’s a ton of opportunities to discuss things while crafting. Talk about the letter B and it’s sound. Point out words that start with that sound….b, b, butterfly….b,b, blue….etc.

Practice writing the letter B: Once the butterfly is complete, have your child trace the wings with one finger to get used to the shape of a capital B. Have them practice writing it on their own a few times. 

Brainstorm other projects: See if your preschooler can think of other things you could make with a letter B. Such as a bee, bird, or bunny. Then make them if he wants!

Read together: Reading is a great way to solidify concepts in a now pressure way. Grab some ABC books or even a B book. My kids loved the Moncure alphabet books when they were learning the letters. 


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