The best way for preschoolers to learn their shapes is through play. They are naturally drawn to shapes and often will learn them just by simple and consistent reminders from you.

That doesn’t mean that learning shapes can’t be fun! Here are some super simple shape activities for preschoolers that will having them naming them recognizing the shapes- from triangle to octagon in no time!

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Shape Activities: The best way to learn about shapes is through play. Here are 9 simple and engaging shape activities for preschoolers to help them learn all their shapes!


9 Shape Activities for Preschoolers to Explore


Read Books About Shapes

Sometimes reading is the best way to expose children to new concepts. It’s a low stress, engaging way to explore the world of shapes. Here are some of my favorite shape-themed books for preschoolers:

Mouse Shapes

When a Line Bends…a Shape Begins

The Greedy Triangle

Shape by Shape


Shape Scavenger Hunt

This shape activity can be a lot of fun for kids! And it’s simple, with next to no prep needed on your part.

All you need to do is pick a shape and have your child search the house and/or yard for that shape. Either they can collect items in a basket or just seek them out loud (especially helpful for large items such as rectangular doors and refrigerators!)

This game is also fun to do in the car, call out a shape and have your preschooler watch the scenery go by while looking for the shape.


Shape Collages

Another simple shape activity is to make shape collages. You can do this one of 2 ways-

One- Have your preschoolers look for pictures of shapes in magazines. Let them cut out the shaped items and glue them down on paper

Two- Cut out a variety of paper shapes in all colors. Place them on a tray and let your child build something out of shapes. Challenge them to think of how shapes work together to make new items. Or give them a theme to work with, like this Build a Truck Activity.

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Geoboard Shape Activity

Geoboards are a fun sensory activity for small children.

Using rubber bands allow your preschooler to explore making different shapes by stretching the bands in different ways.

Once they have explored, challenge them to make a particular shape of your choice.

This can be a good way to introduce things like the types of triangles, and lesser known shapes like trapezoids. It’ll give them a great start to geometry!


Shape Sorting

Sorting shapes uses a different part of the brain and requires a lot of thought for young kids.

You can have your child sort paper shapes, pattern blocks, or other small objects.

Or you can collect shaped items from around the house and have them sort the items into separate piles (* Masking tape shaped taped to the floor can make this one super fun!)


Shape Themed Sensory Bin

Like I said, play is one of the best ways to learn shapes! And a sensory bin is the ultimate play!

You can create a multi-shaped bin that will lend itself to shape sorting.

Or you can create sensory bin around one particular shape- where everything in the bin is that shape. Then just let your preschooler explore the shapes!

Check out my post on How to Make a Square Sensory Bin to get some ideas on what to make.


Craft Stick Shapes

Craft sticks are another fun way to explore the world of shapes.

Challenge your child to build a variety of different shapes using craft sticks.

Ore create a set of magnetic shape-creating sticks for even more fun!



Sidewalk Chalk Shapes

Getting outside and moving around is a really fun way to learn. Sidewalk chalk is a fun way to explore the shapes. You can:

Create a Shape Path to follow

Create a Shape Hopscotch Board

Make a Shapes Jumping Game

Here’s a recipe to make Sidewalk Chalk Paint that makes painting shapes even more fun!


Shape Bingo

We use BINGO for learning all sorts of skills- and shapes is no different.

You can create your own boards using which ever shapes you want.  You can add in colors to make it more interesting too.

Here’s a great printable shape bingo board that uses pictures of real life items instead of just basic shapes.



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