Sensory bins are so much fun for toddlers (well kids of all ages really)! It’s like bringing a sandbox inside to explore and play!

Sensory play engages one or all of the senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing) and helps young kids learn and process their environments.

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You can incorporate sensory play into all sorts of learning- including the colors!  This yellow sensory bin with stimulate your toddler’s sense of sight and touch most of all and help them connect the word yellow with the color surrounding them.


Sensory bins are great for teaching toddlers, try making this yellow sensory bin to help your toddler recognize and learn about the color yellow!


How to Make a Yellow Sensory Bin for Toddlers


Sensory bins are easy to make. All you need is a large box or bin, a base to fill it with, and fun themed-extras to add in.


Yellow Sensory Bin Base Options:


Whole Corn
Dyed Yellow Rice
Yellow sand
Yellow cornmeal

For mine yellow bin, I chose to use dried whole corn. We own a farm, so it was readily available! And messes can be swept up and fed to the chickens.



Then you want to add in fun extras that incorporate your theme. This particular sensory bin is all about the color yellow. So everything in it is yellow in some aspect.


Fun Extras to Include:


Yellow cars or vehicles
Yellow spoons/scoops
Yellow cups/bowls
Yellow animals (lion, giraffe, ducks, bugs)
Yellow balls
Plastic Yellow Easter Eggs
Yellow Lego Men

You get the idea….basically add in anything yellow and fun!


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Now all that’s left is to play!

Let your child explore the yellow sensory bin. Discuss the color yellow. Point out the yellow-ness of everything inside. Let them pour, scoop, and bury to their hearts content!


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