Are you looking for a simple craft to do with your kids? Try making this easy toilet paper roll bee craft! It’s great for preschoolers or as part of unit study on bees or insects!

Crafts are a fun way to bring learning and the world around you to life!

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Bees are one of those bugs that many kids are curious about, but are also scared of. Bringing bees inside for crafts helps to make this insect less scary and helps kids learn about everything bees do for our world. 

This toilet paper bee craft is super easy and can be done with little to no prep with supplies you probably already have on hand. 

I’ve also includes ideas on how to extend this beyond just a craft to help teach your kids more about bees!


easy toilet paper roll bee craft


How to Make an Easy Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft 


For each bee you will need the following:

1 toilet paper tube

1 piece of yellow construction paper

1 piece of black construction paper

1 piece of white construction paper

2 Googly eyes


supplies for a bee craft: toilet paper tubes, yellow and black paper, googly eyes and glue


You will also need the following supplies:

  • glue
  • scissors
  • optional: tape


Putting Together Your Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft

Start by wrapping your yellow and black construction paper around the tube to measure how long your paper needs to be. 

Cut both sheets of paper to this length, and then cut into strips that are approximately 1 inch wide. 


toilet paper tube being covered in yellow and black paper strips


Cover the toilet paper roll with a small amount of glue. I know- kids love glue and they love to use too much glue…but this is the perfect time for them to learn to moderate their glue usage!

It’s easiest to stick your fingers inside the toilet paper roll and use the other hand for working. That way you don’t get glue all over hands or your work surface. 

Then start gluing the yellow and black strips onto your toilet paper tube. 

It doesn’t matter which color you start with, and while it’s great to get the pattern of YELLOW-BLACK-YELLOW-BLACK,  it’s more about the process for kids.

So if they don’t want to make that pattern or mess it up in someway, that’s fine! (Read more about the RIGHT way to do crafts with kids for more of my thoughts on the subject)

You may need to use a little tape to hold the strips on while the glue dries. It’s totally optional, but reduces frustration when the paper doesn’t stick right away!


Gluing the antenna and wings on a toilet paper roll bee


Next it’s time for eyes, antennae, and wings. 

Take 2 googly eyes and place them on the top strip of paper. You can use whatever size you have on hand. We have a large multi-pack of self adhesive googly eyes that we use for all sorts of projects (and it’s totally okay if your kids want to make a bee with LOTS of eyes!)

Cut 2 narrow strips of black paper- about 2-3 inches long-  out of some of your excess paper. Use a small dot of glue to fix them to the top of the toilet paper tube, just above the eyes. 

For the wings, take your white construction paper and fold it in half. Cut a long oval shape starting at the fold for the wings. Use glue or tape to stick them to the middle back of your toilet paper roll bee. 

And that’s it! That’s all you need to make this super quick and easy bee craft with the kids!


3 toilet paper roll bees in a hydrangea bush with purple flowers


Ideas for Extending this Bee Craft

Crafts are great and a lot of fun, but what’s better is to extend the crafts- either before or after- to help learn and have more fun!

Here are a few ideas for extending this bee craft:

Take the bees on a tour of your yard or park. Gather your bees and take them outside. Take them to visit flowers that might be blooming in your yard. Talk about pollination, honey making, and other “bee jobs” with your kids. 

Read books about bees (with YOUR bee). Here are some to choose from:


Observe real bees. Take a walk outside to look at real bees. How many do you see? Do they look like the bee you made?


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