What makes slime ever cooler? Slime add ins, of course! If you are looking for things to add to slime, here’s a big list of add ins to try!

The first time I ever made slime with my kids was years and years ago. Way before it became the huge, popular, trend it is today. 

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And looking back, we made some pretty boring slime! Just a little food coloring and that was all. After all, the cool part was making the slime in the first place!

But today there are all sorts of cool things to add to your slime. 

Keep reading for the complete slime add ins list, plus some cool kits with all the add ins for slime you could ever want. (*They’d make a GREAT gift for your slime lover!)


19 Slime Add Ins to Make Your Slime Even Cooler!


19 Slime Add Ins to Take Your Slime to the Next Level

Here’s the list of slime add ins- next time you make slime have some fun! Mix and match the add ins to create a whole new slime experience!


Foam balls: Foam balls turn plain slime in floam! You can get foam balls in all sorts of sizes, from tiny to big. You can get them in multi-color packs or single color packs. 



Soft Air Dry Clay: This is one of my favorite add ins for slime. Adding air dry clay makes a really soft butter slime and is very fun to squish and pull! Crayola’s Model Magic works good. 

Sequins: You can get small circular sequins or sequins in specific shapes like stars, hearts, leaves, Christmas trees, basically anything you can imagine!

Confetti: Try paper confetti for a fun experiment, or you can buy special slime confetti made of plastic.

Glass Gems: Tiny glass marbles or larger flat glass gems. Try them both and see what you think!

Kool Aid: You can add kool aid packets to edible slimes, or use them to scent and color your non-edible slime.

Small Charms: Get small themed charms in almost any animal, shape, food, or character you want!

Glitter: Most kids agree, glitter makes everything better. I like using really fine glitter for slime since it’s smoother, but you can use the larger, all purpose glitter too!


glitter to add to slime


Googly Eyes: My son loves googly eyes and puts them on everything. Why not add it to slime? Makes a great monster slime!

Instant Snow: Instant snow powder makes for fun add in to slime. Snow slime won’t last quite as long, but still tons of fun!

Plastic Beads: Pony bead, perler beads, tiny little seed beads– choose a bead and add it in to your slime!

Water Beads: You can try adding water beads to you slime in 2 ways- hydrated or not-hydrated. I prefer to use non-hydrated and watch them grow as they absorb moisture in the slime. 

Sand: Sand adds a new texture to the sensory experience. Use smooth, play sand for the best experience. 

Essential Oils: Adding essential oils add in scent and add in the benefits of the soil you use! Try making Lavender Slime or Chamomile Slime with your kids!

Glow in the Dark Powder: Glow in the dark is so much fun! You can use glow in the dark glue (like I did in our glow in the dark slime) or you can use glow in the dark powder!


thermochromic and glow in the dark powder to add to slime


Thermochromic Powder: What’s this add in? It makes your slime change color depending on the temperature! Press a warm hand down and watch it change! This is a super cool slime add in!

Slime Sprinkles: Just like sprinkles for cakes and cupcakes but made just for slime!

Fish Bowl Beads: Fish bowl beads are small, smooth, glass gems that are perfect for adding into slime! They come in almost any color imaginable! 

ANYTHING: Okay, so this is sorta a catch all for slime add ins, but seriously if you see something cool and think:  hey, that might make a cool thing to add to slime! Then add it on in and give it a try! We love adding spices to ours, like we did with this Pumpkin Pie Spice Slime!


You can make edible slime too! Check out this Candy Corn Slime!


5 Pre-Made Slime Add In Kits

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