I don’t know about yours, but my toddler LOVES glue. He would glue stuff down all day long if I let him. We are talking a lot about shapes these days, so the other day at the store I picked up a box of fruit loops (okay, so they are an off brand, but same thing).

I won’t let the kids eat them, but they are the perfect medium for lots of colorful crafts and activities. And of course he wanted to glue them….so we made circles! Lots and lots of circles!

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Circle Activity for Toddlers: Toddlers love to make crafts. Try this fun and engaging circle craft that uses colored cereal to help your toddler learn about circles!


Teach Your Toddler About Circle with This Simple Circle Craft


So all you will need for this circle craft is:

construction paper (I chose black because of the greater contrast with the colored cereal)


Fruit Loops (or any brand colored O shaped cereal)


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Draw a large circle on the paper out of glue.  You can let your toddler do this, with you guiding his hands into the correct shape.

Give him a bowl of cereal and them him glue them down.

This is a great time to talk about colors. Which color he’s picking up. Maybe encourage him to make patterns out of the colored cereal as he glues them down.



Chances are, once the first circle is done, he’ll want to add more. And more. Until the paper is full of little circles making bigger circles. This is a great time to talk about concentric circles too!

Like many, my toddler is a repetitive creature, so once his circle page was done, he wanted to start over again.

And of course, we did!


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