Oil Pastels are a fun medium to play with and create some amazing pieces of art. This volcano craft is created by blending oil pastels and baby oil to make a lava colored background for a black volcano silhouette.

As always, remember to let your kids own the process of their art. Let them make the decisions on the color and design of the background and the shape of the volcano silhouette.

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Art Projects for Kids: Create a beautiful volcano craft using oil pastels, baby oil, and a paper volcano silhouette.


How to Make a Silhouette Volcano Craft

Age Range: 2 years old and Up


Supplies for this Craft:

Oil Pastels in warm colors (red, oranges,yellows)

Baby Oil


White Paper

Black Construction Paper





Making the Volcano Craft:


Step 1:

On a sheet of white paper (I just use cheap printer paper) have your child draw a simple background using the warm-toned oil pastels.

Let them choose their own design, but try to keep it simple. Stripes, concentric circles, checker board, etc are all good choices.

They don’t have to color hard, but cover the entire surface of the paper.


Step 2:

Pour a small amount of baby oil into a bowl or container. Dip q-tips into the baby oil and brush/rub over the top of the oil pastel covered paper.

The oil  helps to blend all of the lines together and remove the look of individual pastel strokes.Sometimes moving your hand in a circular motion  helps to blend.

Brush over all of the oil pastels.



Step 3:

Set your background to the side to dry, and make the volcano. Have your child draw the outline of a volcano. There’s no right or wrong way to do this but make sure they leave some “ground” below the volcano or use the entire width of the paper for the base.

Cut a second “eruption” shape from the black paper to go above the volcano.


Step 4:

Brush Glue over the back of the black volcano pieces and press them onto the background and allow to dry.



The baby oil gives almost a translucent quality to the white printer paper making these nice to hang in a sunny window!

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