Bats are amazing flying mammals that kids love. Whether it’s Halloween or your kids are learning about bats, here are 27 super cute bat crafts for kids to explore!

Kids love to craft! Art is an important part of learning at a young age and these bat crafts cover all the bases. You can find paper bats, bat puppets, bat painting, and more in the list of bat crafts below. 

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You’ll find crafts that use all sorts of mediums from paper to paint to natural items you can find in your yard.

Before we get to the bat crafts, let me give one gentle reminder. Crafting with kids is more about the process than the final product. Don’t be tempted to force them to follow certain rules or directions, let the activity be a guide but the child should make the decisions. That means it’s okay if your bats aren’t black. It’s okay if your child doesn’t cut on the lines or wants a bat with 50 googly eyes instead of 2. 

You can read more about how to do crafts with kids here: The Right Way to Do Kids Crafts.


27 easy and fun bath crafts for kids of all ages with example bat craft images


Now on to the bat crafts!

27 Awesome Bat Crafts for Kids to Enjoy and Explore!

The following bat crafts are great for kids of all ages. Some may take some tweaking to be appropriate for toddlers and a few are more suited for older kids.

You're sure to find something for your kids in this list of crafts. Try one or try them all!

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