In this article: Get in on the Halloween fun with 7 fun spider web crafts to do with your kids!

Do your kids love Halloween, monsters, and spiders! Take advantage of this time of year by planning a full list of fun, spooky, spidery fun!

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Spider web crafts can be a great addition to your fall and Halloween list of activities.  Below are 7 ideas you can try with your kids- all featuring spider webs!

Don’t forget to do some real-life explorations and observe some real spiders and spider webs too!


7 Spider Web Crafts for Halloween Fun!


7 Super Fun Spider Web Crafts to do With Your Kids


Spider Web Marble Painting


This is a simple and fun spider web craft. Here’s what you need:

A black paper circle
white tempera paint
A box/tray/pan (big enough for the circle to fit in)
a marble

Simply place the paper in the box, dip the marble in paint, and drop it into the pan.

Then let your child carefully tip the pan in different directions to let the marble “paint” a spider web!


marble painting spider web (1)


Spider Web Watercolor Wax Resist

Water color resists are always a fun art project for kids. To make a spider web resist all you need is:

A white crayon or oil pastel
Water color paper (or normal drawing paper)

Have your kids draw a spiderweb on the paper using the white crayon. This can be hard for young kids since it’s hard to see white crayon on white paper. But I am a firm believer in the process over the product so encourage them to use their own artistic flair in drawing their spider webs.

Then grab your water color paints and paint the paper how you want. If you want to stay in a Halloween theme, you can use orange, black, gray, and other Halloween colors. Or you can just let the kids use whatever color they want.

Once the picture is completely dry you can use a black marker or pen to draw in a spider on your web.


Spider web lacing on paper plates


Spider Web Paper Plate Lacing

Lacing is a great fine motor activity for preschoolers and toddlers.

You can make lacing spider-themed by punching holes evenly around the edge of a paper plate and then letting your kids lace yarn back and forth between the whole to create their own spider web!

Check out this tutorial for pictures of the finished product and ideas on how to paint and decorate your paper plates.

==> Spider Web Paper Plate Lacing instructions


spider web made from sticks and yarn


Stick and Yarn Spider Webs

I have fond memories of stick and yarn weaving as a kid. When doing those I wound the yarn tightly around the sticks to create designs. But to make a yarn and stick spider web, it’s much easier!

This is a simple spider web craft that even young kids can do, they just may need a little help getting started.

All you need is some white yarn and about 3 sticks- all about the same size.

Lay the sticks across each other and wind the yarn to secure them together. Then wind yarn around and around to create a spider web.

Get the full directions on how to make it:

==> Stick Spider Webs


masking tap spider web in a window


Masking Tape Spider Web for Art Display

Masking tape spider webs isn’t a craft per se, but it’s a super fun way to display all your Halloween crafts! We’ve been making door way and window spiderwebs out of tape for years and it’s a favorite of my kids.

All you need is a roll of masking tape and a doorway or window you are willing to give up for the display.

Start by making your center spokes. 3-4 crisscrossing lines of tape as seen in the picture above. Then use pieces of tape to go in circles around and around in a spider web form.

Note: You can make the tape facing out or in, but if you choose in be sure you have a gap between the tape and the window glass.

Once your tape spider web is done you can use it to hang all sorts of Halloween crafts! My kids love making ghosts, spiders, and monsters out of paper to display on our web. Or print out these spider templates to decorate and place on your web!


rainbow painted spider web


Rainbow Spider Web Art

I love rainbow activities. They are just so happy and colorful! The following rainbow spider web art project is perfect for a more colorful spider activity.

You can either help the kids draw the spider web lines or let them do it all on their own.

I love the rainbow aspect of this activity….but I suppose you could use Halloween colors only if you wanted as well.

Check out all of the details on how to make these rainbow spider webs:

==> Spider Web Art for Kids


salt pained spider web on a table


Salt Painted Spider Webs

Want to add another dimension to your spider web crafts? Try these salt painted spider webs!

Your kids get to use their senses as they apply the salt AND get to watch the reaction between salt and paint!

Get all the details on making salt painted spider webs:

==> How to Make Salt Painted Spider Webs


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