Counting can be a hard skill to master. I know my young preschoolers left out certain number and repeated others.

Counting out loud is also more easily mastered than learning one to one correspondence. Luckily there are tons of counting activities your can create to help your child learn how to count with one to one correspondence.

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My oldest son was obsessed with cars and all it took were a couple of cards with numbers and some cars for him to count correctly, my younger boys needed more practice. That’s where this Alien Themed Counting Activity comes in!


Counting Activities for Preschoolers: Teach your preschooler counting with one to one correspondence with this alien eyes counting activity! What's more fun that creating an alien with 10 eyes!


How to Make the Alien Eye Counting Activity

Supplies for this activity:

Construction paper



Googly Eyes

A small tray

A small bowl



You can either make this with your child, or create it ahead of time and let him just do the counting!

Start by drawing and cutting out alien heads on the construction paper. You should be able to get at least 6 heads out of 1 piece of paper.

You can make them all different, or the same, that doesn’t really matter.  I wish I had a template for you, but I drew all my head free hand and then used it to cut all the others!


You need at least 10 alien heads- but feel free to make more if your child is up for the challenge!



Once you have all 10 heads, draw simple mouths (and noses, if you wish) and label each of them with a number from 1-10. I labeled mine on their antenna so that the number wasn’t in the way of the face.


Set all 10 heads on a small tray along with a bowl of googly eyes. Make sure the eye match the exact number you need. So if you have 10 head you need 55 eyes.


Set your child up at a table or on a mat (we use cloth place mats for work like this) and let him give all of the aliens eyes!



We use this activity over and over, so we don’t use glue or sticky eyes, just set them on top and dump them back in the bowl when we are done counting. Feel free to laminate the heads for more durability too.

If you child has moved on to simple addition- check out this free printable dinosaur addition game board!


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