Looking for a way to make math more fun? Make this fun race car counting activity for preschoolers to help them learn to count and identify numbers!

Preschool learning can get a littler boring and redundant after awhile. I mean, there’s only so many times you can practice counting before it’s torture for everyone!

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In my house, bringing in cars makes everything more fun!

So instead of just practicing counting, why not make a fun race track and incorporate counting into that?

Here’s how to make a DIY race car counting activity that preschoolers will love!


DIY Race Car Counting Game for Preschoolers with pictures of dice, magna tile race track and boy with a toy car


How to Make Your Race Car Counting Activity for Preschoolers

This is an easy and quick math game to set up for your preschooler. You just need a few supplies and you are ready to count!

Here’s what you need:

A Race Track: You can use anything you want for these, but make sure there are individual spaces or squares for counting. Some ideas for the race track are:

  • Magna Tiles (this is what’s pictured)
  • A track drawn on a large piece of cardboard – remember to make boxes!
  • A track drawn in sidewalk chalk
  • Wooden blocks
  • A simple game board (like Sorry!)

Check out your toy shelf or craft cabinet and see what you’ve got!

A Couple Cars: Hot Wheels, Match Box, Micro Machines. Anything with wheels goes! 


hand holding 3 types of dice- standard, 12 sided, and one with numbers instead of dots


Dice: The size of your track and the age of your child will determine what dice to use. 

For a beginner we used dice that only show the numbers 1-3 in actual numbers. Then graduate up to standard 6 sided dice with the dots. We also have 12 sided dice. 

Dots require your preschooler to either count the dots or have memorized the dot pattern (a good skill!). Numbers help them identify and remember how the numbers look.

That’s all you need in terms of supplies….now it’s time to get set up!


race track made out of magna tiles for a racing math game


Build Your Race Track for the Counting Game

This is a great time to include your preschooler in the set up of the game. 

Build your track as long as you want, though I suggest shorter for new counters and longer for more experienced. 

The last thing you want is for your preschooler to get frustrated before the race is done!

Lay down your blocks or tiles (or draw) of your track- twisting and turning for more fun!

Then it’s time to race!


small hands moving a car along a race track with a dice to show how many spaces to move


How to Play the Game:

Decide if you are going to play with 2 players (mom vs. kid) or just car vs. car. 

Set each car at the starting line. 

To play, simply take turns rolling the dice and moving the cars the appropriate number of spaces. 

Let your preschooler identify the number rolled on the dice and count each space as he moves the car that number of spots. 

The first car to reach the finish line wins!


race track counting game made out of flash cards


Variations on this Math Activity for Preschoolers

Depending on the level of your child, you can make variations of this game for other math skills, such as:

  • Skip counting by 2, 5, or 10
  • Simple addition (ie. adding 2 dice before moving)
  • Addition facts- (place math facts on each spot, and answer before moving on)
  • Build your race track in a maze for them to figure out as they move forward
  • Use pattern blocks to create your track and they have to name the shape they land on
  • Make your own dice-using this dice pattern– and label it with math facts, shapes, clocks, etc. And they have to name answer or id before moving forward. 

You can even use the same premise for other learning skills such as the ABCs!


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