This planet craft is a lot of fun for preschoolers (and older kids too!). And the final product is beautiful and marbled just like the real planets might look like in space!

What make it more fun is that each planet looks different from the next-  you never know what design will show up when you pull your paper out of the paint!

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Here’s how to make these beautiful marbled planets to help teach your kids about the solar system!


Space Crafts and Activities: Make beautiful swirled planets to help teach your children about space and learn the planets by name with this marbled planet craft!


Space Craft: Make Your Own Marbled Planets


What you Need to Make this Marbled Planet Craft:

Liquid starch

watered down acrylic paints in various colors

white paper cut in circles

Glass pie plate


optional: paint smocks or old t-shirts to protect clothes



How to Make the Planets:



Pour enough starch in the pie plate to cover the bottom. Drop the paint in to the starch in a random pattern.


Swirl the colors by blowing or stirring with a craft stick



Gently place the paper circles into the painted starch and let sit about 30 seconds.


Slowly peel the paper circle off of the starch and place your marbled planet somewhere safe to dry. The starch can make your planets stick to surfaces so make sure you move them every now and then as they dry.


Once your planets are dry you can place them under a heavy book to flatten out.



Then glue the finished marbled planets on black paper!

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