Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed? Overwhelmed with the house. Overwhelmed with all the places to go. Overwhelmed with wondering, how in the world am I going to do it all?

First, that’s completely normal.

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Second, take a deep breath and realize that overwhelm is the enemy here. If you just take a minute to breathe and recenter you can actually get so much more done than you think you can.

Below is a list of 65 tasks, chores, things you can do in 10 minutes or less. Some of them only take a minute or a couple of seconds. But if you have a handy list you can get a ton done in those in between moments. Moments you might otherwise waste.

Waiting for the kids to find their shoes and get them on? Why not shake out the door mat or put away a few dishes while you wait. Bonus: it keeps you from tapping your foot and yelling at the kids to “hurry up!!”

Got 10 minutes before dinner? Instead of watching a pot boil, sort through the junk mail, throw out the expired food in the fridge, or make your shopping list.

I’m not saying you have to be busy all the time. Down time is good too. But when you are overwhelmed, it can keep you from doing anything. So use this list as a jumping off point. Set a timer for 10 minutes, pick an area, and see how many of the tasks you can get done before the timer goes off.

You may be surprised how much you get done. You may not want to stop after 10 minutes. You will definitely feel less overwhelmed and more productive.

(Oh, and don’t forget to get the kids involved in this 10 minute dash too!)


65 chores/tasks you can do in less than 10 minutes!


65 Tasks You Can Do in 10  Minutes or LESS


Tasks In the Kitchen:

Unload the dishwasher

Load the dishwasher

Wash the dishes

Put away the clean dishes/clear out the drying rack  (It just always seems to pile up, right?)

Wipe down the kitchen counters

Take out the trash

Clear and wipe the kitchen table

Wipe down the front of the kitchen appliances (I’m not the only one with sticky finger prints all over the fridge, am I?)

Organize the junk drawer

Organize your baking pans

Organize your spices (Refill the salt shaker, throw out any old jars, make a note of which ones are running low)

Organize 1 cabinet (pans, glasses, silverware, etc)

Clean or bleach the sink

Clear out old and expired items from the fridge

Clean the microwave

Organize the pantry, make a shopping list (here are some free printable grocery lists to try!)

Take out the compost

Chop veggies for the fridge or dinner


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Tasks In the Bathroom:

Clean the toilet

Clean bathroom mirrors

Empty the bathroom trash

Organize your medicine cabinet

Scrub the shower/tub

Mop/sweep the floor

Floss your teeth (C’mon, you know it’s important!)

Restock the toilet paper

Change the towels

Shake out the bathmat


woman vacuuming rug


Tasks In the Living Area:

Vacuum or sweep a room

Vacuum the stairs

Start a load of laundry

10 min zone clean

Wash a window (or 2)

Dust a shelf (or 2)

Dust the TV

Reorganize the book shelves (spines out!)

Wipe down ceiling fans (I don’t know how they get so dusty when they never stop moving!)

Pick up shoes, jackets, etc and put away (At least in my house, NO one can seem to put their shoes on the shoe shelf or basket!)

100 item pickup of items around the house

Vacuum under the couch

Vacuum the couches and chairs

Shake out the door mat

Dust the pictures on the wall


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woman putting laundry in washer


Tasks In the Bedroom:

Make a bed

Change the sheets

Fold and put away a load of laundry (it’s a never ending job, but you can make a dent in it!)

Clear your dresser top

Throw out socks with holes (and underwear, bras, shirts from high school that are too small but you just can’t seem to get rid of them….)

Vacuum or sweep

20+ item pickup


Tasks On the To Do List

Pay a bill (or 2)

Sort and discard mail

Clear your inbox

Respond to an email

Restart your computer (I know, you’ll lose all of your open tabs, but sometimes it has to be done)

Plan your day (a good plan will  make you so much more productive! Use these free daily planners or weekly to do list templates to help you!)

Water the plants

Lift weights

Work out (push ups, planks, crunches, jumping jacks)

Feed the pets

Make a call (all those appointments you’ve been putting off…)

Cut your finger and toe nails (or the kid’s nails or the dog’s nails)

Clean your desk

Delete old photos from your phone




Do you want a printable copy of this checklist? Click here to get your copy!


That’s just a start really, there are probably tons more little jobs and chores you can get done in less than 10 minutes, but use this as a jumping off point to stop being overwhelmed and get it done!


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