Make Father’s Day extra special with free printable Father’s Day coupons! These customizable coupons are a heartfelt way for kids to show their appreciation and love for their dads. From promising a car wash to offering a day of uninterrupted TV time, these coupons allow children to create unique and thoughtful gifts that dads will cherish.

Easy to download and print, this printable Father’s Day coupon book add a personal touch to the celebration, making it memorable for the entire family. Get your free printables today and let the kids surprise their dads with these creative tokens of love!

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printable father's day coupon book


How to Make the Printable Father’s Day Coupon Book

This coupon book is easy to print and use. All you need is a printer, some scissors, markers, and a stapler!

For the best results, pint the coupon book on thicker paper or cardstock. This makes them easier to cut out and keeps them from wrinkling. 

Carefully cut out each coupon on the dotted lines. 

Have your child color the coupons and fill in what they want to give to their dad. Not sure what to put on the coupons? I’ve got 20 ideas below to get you started. 

Once they are all finished, stack them up with the cover coupon on top and staple 2 times along the left side of the coupons. 

Now you have a beautiful, homemade Father’s Day gift for Dad!


printable father's day coupons


Father’s Day Coupon Ideas

Not sure what kinds of things to put on your Father’s Day coupons? Here are a few ideas that are free or inexpensive and that kids can do for dad.

Or just let your kids be creative and come up with their own coupon ideas!

Below are 20 ideas just to get you started:

A hug

Breakfast in bed

Mow the grass

Wash the car

A day off from chores

Movie night of your choice

One hour of quiet time

A homemade dessert

Help with a DIY project

Game night with the family

A back massage

Taking out the trash

A picnic in the park

A day of fishing

One free car wash

A weekend of no cooking

An afternoon of sports together

A long walk or hike

Reading a book together

A handmade card or drawing


father's day coupon book


Download the Printable Father’s Day Coupons Now

This printable Father’s Day coupon book is in an easy to print and use PDF format. 

To download, simply click on the image or link below and it will open in a new tab for you to download to your device. 

You are free to use these homemade Father’s Day gift certificates for personal or classroom use. 


printable father's day coupons


You are free to use these coupons for personal use at home or in the classroom. Please don’t share the file, but if you’d like to share the printable Father’s Day coupons with friends, please forward this page to them so that they can download the file themselves. This coloring book may not be used in any commercial fashion. 


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