Getting your face painted isn’t just for fairs and festivals! Face paint is a fun way to encourage dramatic play in kids- and helps them really get into character! Plus it’s just fun!

Pandas are very popular at our house- even since last year when the baby panda’s were born at the Atlanta Zoo and the kids have had the Panda Cam up on their computer throughout the days just to see what the pandas are doing!

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It was  just a matter of time before panda face paint was requested!  Here are step-by-step instructions for creating a PANDA face paint look!


Face Painting Ideas:Face painting is a fun addition to dramatic play in kids! Get a step-by-step Panda Face Paint tutorial that is simple to do and tons of fun!


Step-by-Step Panda Face Paint Instructions


To face paint a panda you will need the following:

Face paint in white, black and pink (optional)

makeup sponge

A fine paint brush





Step 1: Paint a White Mask

Using your white face paint and a make-up sponge create a white mask around the eyes- from the forehead to just above the mouth.

You don’t have to get too close to the eyes since they will be painted black.

Then, using the brush, use more white face paint to create a feathery/fur-like look around the edges of the mask.



Step 2: Add Black Eyes

Using the paint brush paint black face paint around the eyes.

The black eyes should go from the eyebrows to about 1/2 inch below the eyes.

Create a soft, fur-like look around the outer edge of the eyes by pulling the brush outward.



Step 3: Add the Ears 

Now it’s time to add the panda’s furry ears! Using black face paint, draw 2 U-shaped ears. Paint in one direction, pulling the paint outward to make the fur. Pull the pain downward to create a soft edge between the white face and black ears as show in the picture above.


Step 4: (Optional Add the Blush)

If you would like to add the pink blush- simply lightly rub pink on the cheeks just below the black eyes using the makeup sponge.

You don’t need a lot and brush lightly so you don’t wear away the white!


And that’s it! It’s a simple face painting idea that is tons of fun!



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