We aren’t a fan of flashcards around here- but all kids have to memorize their addition facts! So in addition to playing board games (like this Dinosaur Themed Addition Fact Game) we play Knockout!

We love dice games- and this one is a great one for friendly competition and learning the addition facts. Here’s how to play.

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How to Play Knockout- A Fun Game to Learn the Addition Facts!


What you’ll need:

A small dry erase board

A dry erase marker

2 dice



How to Play the Game:

Write the numbers 2 -12 on both sides of the dry erase board.  Set the board in between the 2 players.

Take turns rolling the dice. Add the dice together and erase the sum from your side of the board.

The first one to erase all of their numbers wins!


Simple right? But a lot of fun. So much fun that my teen sons ask if they can play with their little sister instead of me

(But maybe that’s to get out of doing algebra??)



Knockout Variation for More Advanced Kids:

Does your child need more of a challenge? Try playing knockout with 12 sided dice! Just write the numbers 2-24 on the board instead.

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