In this article: Learn how to breed animals in Minecraft- simple and easy even for Minecraft beginners!

Do your kids love Minecraft?

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As a mom of 6, I hear a lot about Minecraft.  I know more about Bed Wars, Build Battle, and Murder Mystery than I care to. And I get to hear all about building and raising animals.

Minecraft is actually pretty educational in terms of computer games for kids. A few years ago my oldest taught himself some coding and made his own Minecraft server for himself and his brothers. Now they have their own elaborate world where they grow and raise all the animals they want.

Recently my kids started a YouTube channel to help teach others how to build, grow, and make in Minecraft.

So I am going to turn this over to them, so they can help your kids learn how to do more in Minecraft!


Build Your Minecraft World By Breeding These 7 Animals!


How to Breed Cows in Minecraft

Breeding cows in Minecraft is super easy. All you need is wheat!

Check out the video below to see how it’s done:


How to Breed Sheep in Minecraft

Breeding sheep also uses wheat. See how it’s done below:


How to Breed Cats in Minecraft

Let’s go fishing! To breed cats in Minecraft you will need some fish!

See how to do it:


How to Breed Pigs in Minecraft

To breed pigs you will need some carrots! See how it’s done below:


How to Breed Llamas in Minecraft

To you want to breed you llamas in Minecraft? First you have to make some hay bales.

Watch the video below to learn more:


How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

Ready to breed horses in Minecraft? First you have to craft some golden carrots!

See how it’s done:


How to Breed Chickens in Minecraft

It’s super easy to get baby chicks!

Watch the video below to see 2 ways to breed chickens and get baby chicks:


And there you have it! How to breed 7 different animals in Minecraft- so you can raise more animals in your Minecraft world!

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