Are you looking for fun Thanksgiving writing activities to do with the kids this fall? Here are 15 different writing activities and prompts that are all about Thanksgiving! 

Writing can be a challenge for kids- of any age!

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Young kids often lack the small muscles- and the confidence- needed to write. 

Older kids can have trouble organizing information and putting their thoughts down on paper. 

But as with anything, practice makes perfect!

One of the best ways to practice writing is to give a variety of assignments and writing types- and a lot of different topics!

Here are 15 Thanksgiving writing activities and prompts for kids- that will help them practice and enjoy writing!


15 thanksgiving writing activities and prompts for kids


15 Thanksgiving Writing Activities for Kids


Thankful Flip Book

Flip books are fun writing activities for kids of all ages. It’s also simple to put together and allows kids to also personalize and use their artistic imagination in the design. 

To make a flip book you will need several sheets of paper, each of just a couple inches shorter than the other. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to put a flip book together: Flip Book Tutorial. 

To make this a Thanksgiving Writing Activity, use colored paper in browns, oranges, and yellows. And then have use a Thanksgiving theme for each of the flaps/ 

Here are a couple of ideas of writing prompts for each tab:

  • Historical– with each tab focusing on one piece of the history of Thanksgiving (traditions, symbols, meaning of, etc)
  • I am Thankful– each tab covers family, friends, school, self, etc. 
  • The Meal– each tab can discuss a different course or aspect of the Thanksgiving meal


Movie Extension Writing Prompt

There are a lot of great movies out there covering Thanksgiving. 

You can choose a cartoon or other fun kids movie or even choose a documentary or other non-fiction film. 

Have the kids watch the movie and then have them write on the movie. Such as:

  • Compare and contrast what was depicted in the movie to their own life
  • Discuss historical accurateness
  • Summarize
  • Favorite part and why


Turkey Pardon Persuasive Writing Activity

Take a moment to read or watch about the tradition of pardoning a turkey each year in the US. 

Then have the kids write a persuasive letter or paper from a turkey’s point of view asking to be pardoned. 

In this Thanksgiving writing activity, make sure the students decide on who the audience is (a farmer, a family getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner, etc) and that they speak as the turkey for the duration of the writing assignment. 


thank you letter paper with lines


Thank You Letters

This is a great Thanksgiving writing activity for kids of all ages. And it’s a great life skill to develop!

Have students choose a person in their life- a family member or friend- to write a thank you letter to. 

This doesn’t have to be a thank you for anything specific, but a general Thanks for all you do for me letter that helps kids to feel gratitude for other people in their life. 

You can download a free Thanksgiving Thank You Letter Template here: Thanksgiving Thank You Letter


How to Cook a Turkey Research Project

This Thanksgiving writing activity helps teach kids both now to research and how to organize information in logical, sequential order. 

Have them do a little research- online or in books, depending on the age- and take notes on the steps to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving. 

Then have them write the steps in paragraph form. 

Don’t forget to help them use transition words such as first, then, and next!



Thanksgiving Acrostic Poems

Acrostic poems are a fun writing activity that doesn’t have as much pressure as other poetry! An acrostic poem simply takes a word and then you have to write a line or word starting with each letter in that word. 

Here are some words to use for Thanksgiving Acrostic poems:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Turkey
  • Thankful
  • Pilgrim
  • Family
  • Grateful

Or you can download my Free Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem templates for an easy activity! 


Thanksgiving Traditions

This easy Thanksgiving writing prompt idea is a great way to give kids writing practice with no pressure. 

Simply give them a sheet of paper, or their writing journal, and the topic: Thanksgiving Traditions.

Then let them free write for 10-20 minutes on that topic. 


The First Thanksgiving

Spend some time reading all about The First Thanksgiving. Read various books on the topic that cover both the history leading up to the First Thanksgiving and what the First Thanksgiving looked like. 

Then have the students write an paper on the First Thanksgiving. 

Depending on age this could be a 4 paragraph essay, a paragraph or simply a couple of sentences. 


chalk board filled with thanksgiving words surrounded by orange pumpkins


Use Thanksgiving Words

Give your students a bank of Thanksgiving words and ask them to write a story using as many of the words as they can. 

Bonus points for using ALL of the words at least once!


Thanksgiving ABCs

This Thanksgiving writing activity is similar to an acrostic poem, except instead of using a word at it’s base, it uses the ABCs. 

Have the students write a Thanksgiving phrase or sentence for each letter of the alphabet. 


The Great Turkey Escape

Now let’s get creative! Have the kids write a create writing story about what would happen if the the Thanksgiving turkey got away and escaped butchering. 

How did he escape? Where will he go? Does he get caught?


Thanksgiving Venn diagram comparing the first thanksgiving to today


Then and Now Venn Diagram

After reading and researching the first Thanksgiving have kids fill in a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the first Thanksgiving to today’s Thanksgiving.

Depending on their age they can fill in with words or complete sentences. 

You can also have them use their diagram to turn it  into a few paragraphs.

You can download the free Thanksgiving Venn Diagram Template here: Thanksgiving Venn Diagram


Thanksgiving Story Book Report

Have the students choose a favorite Thanksgiving story book or chapter book (or assign a specific one!) and have them to a book report. 

Include everything you would normally ask for in a book report- characters, setting, plot, etc. And ask some Thanksgiving specific questions as well!


Thanksgiving Journal

Have the kids start a Thanksgiving journal. 

This is a great Thanksgiving writing activity for the whole month of November. You can use different prompts for each day or choose a central theme- such as gratitude or thankfulness.

Have the kids take time each day to write in their journal as a way to practice writing and brainstorming. 


Futuristic Thanksgiving

This fun Thanksgiving writing activity allows the kids to imagine what they think Thanksgiving will look like in the future. 

Set a time- such as 100 years from now- and ask them to imagine what Thanksgiving will look like then. 

What will be different? What will be the same?


Need some Thanksgiving writing paper to use for these activities? Just click here to download some Thanksgiving Writing Paper

Tips for Altering Writing Activities for All Ages

Almost all writing activities can be altered to work for kids of all ages- from kindergarten to high school level. 

Here are some tips for altering lessons:

  • Take age and ability into account. A kindergartner can write one word answers for acrostic poems or copy work for other assignments. An older child is capable of full and complete sentences. 
  • Vary length. Elementary age kids can be required to write a short paragraph, while middle and high schoolers may be required to write 3-5 paragraph essays. Creative writing assignments will also have differing length requirements. 
  • Use appropriate expectations. This includes things neatness and handwriting or if the assignment should be typed. Correct grammar and spelling. The older the child, the higher the expectations should be. 
  • Use appropriate resources. Older kids can do their own research and find their own sources. Younger kids might need to be given the resources to choose from. You can also choose to read aloud from resources for elementary aged kids, while middle and high schoolers will likely have assigned readings. 


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