There’s something exciting about fireworks for kids. The amazing colors and sparking lights in the sky. The sounds. The fact that they are probably up way past bed time.

Opportunities to watch fireworks don’t come around often- once or twice a year really. But you can create your own firework paintings as a fun 4th of July craft when every you want!

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This art project as some fun extras such as glitter and using forks in stead of paintbrushes that make it extra fun.


4th of July Craft: Painting fireworks with forks and glitter.


4th of July Craft for Kids: Paint Fireworks with Forks and Glitter!


To create this 4th of July craft you will need:

Black construction paper

Liquid tempera paint in red, white, and blue

A tray/lid to use as a paint pallette





Start by pouring a bit of red, white, and blue paint onto your tray.

Show your kids how to gently dip the tines of the fork into the paint and stamp it on to the paper.

If you are working with a toddler like I was, your paints will get mixed pretty quickly. That’s totally okay and makes for a nice marbled patriotic look!



Then show how to use the forks to print in a circular motion to create a firework look. The best way to do this is to do the art project along with them. That way you have a piece of paper to demonstrate on and they have a piece to practice- or do whatever they wish on.

Remember, with crafts like these, it’s more about the process than the end result. It’s okay if your child’s art doesn’t look like perfect fireworks. What matters is that they got to create a work of art on their own and had fun exploring the medium. (Read more about my thoughts on the Right Way to Do Crafts here)



Once your paintings are completed, it’s time add some sparkle. After all, what are fireworks without sparkle!

My toddler LOVE glitter. He goes all out, with an almost full body shaking of the bottle.  His fireworks were extra sparky!

The wet paint is enough to hold the glitter down, so there’s no need for glue.


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Red white and blue fireworks painted with forks and glitter.


Then repeat. My 2  year old made 7 (!!) pictures in one sitting. ALL of which are proudly displayed on our art board!

It’s also a great craft for the kids to do at a 4th of July picnic or potluck!


Ways to Use This 4th of July Craft:

Don’t have room on the fridge? Here are a few ways you could use this art project:

As the cover of a 4th of July card

As a 4th of July Picnic Invitation

Use triangular or star shaped pieces of paper and make a banner

Turn them into 4th of July Paper Lanterns


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