In our house the first windy day in Spring has got to be a kite day! There’s just something about flying a kite that is fun and magical. Over the years we’ve had our share of store-bought kites. Some that worked and some not so much. But the most fun kites are the ones you can make with your own 2 hands.

Below you will find 13 kite crafts for preschoolers- some that are just for fun and some that can really fly!

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Kite Crafts for Kids: Have fun exploring wind and kites by making your own kites. Try out some of these 13 kite crafts for preschoolers (or kids of any age)- lots of them can really fly!


13 Kite Crafts for Preschoolers to Make


Kite Crafts That Really Fly

Crafts are fun no matter what, but when it comes to kites what we really want is something that can really fly. Here are a few ideas on how to make your own kites that the kids can go outside and play with!


Super Simple Paper Kite for Preschoolers



This first kite craft is perfect for preschoolers- or even toddlers. It is SOOOO simple and it really flies!

Check out the pictures in the post- you can see the tiny tots flying these simple kites all by themselves!

Get the directions on how to make this simple paper kite.


Paper Bag Kite Craft



I absolutely love child led art and this paper bag kite craft allows preschoolers to decorate their kites however they wish!

Add some streamers, string and a craft stick and you are ready to fly a kite!


Japanese Fish Kite Craft


This kite craft is super cute. It starts with a printed fish template and brings in fine motor development with the tearing of paper to decorate the kite.

Long streamers for the tail and a long stick to hold the kite by- the prefect activity for a warm and sunny afternoon!

Learn how to make a Japanese Fish Kite.


Simple Bird Kite



This simple paper bird kite craft is similar to the first one I listed- but with a feathery and colorful twist!

Get step by step picture directions on how to make this very easy bird kite.



Homemade Windsocks



I love everything rainbow so these Rainbow Windsocks are right my alley. These would look perfect hanging off a deck or covered porch- blowing in the wind.

Or you could gather a long stick or dowel and let the kids run around flying the windsock kites!

Get the full direction on how to make these Rainbow Windsocks.


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Newspaper Kite


There’s a little bit of nostalgia when it comes to newspaper kites. These are what I grew up making and I love that I can pass that on to my kids.

Preschoolers may need a bit of help with this kite craft but it’s a fun project for the whole family to work on together.

Get step by step instructions on how to make a newspaper kite.



Plastic Bag Kite



This is about the quickest and easiest kite you will ever make. And it’s also the most frugal- all you need is a plastic bag (we all have a million of those, right?) some string and maybe a sitck- if you want.

And look how fun it is!

See how this mom made and used a plastic bag kite.


Paper Plate Kite


This paper plate kite is a cute kid directed art project. It’s got some fine motor elements with cutting the plate and string. And the kids can paint their kite however they wish.

This kite craft would look great hanging off a deck or porch blowing in the breeze.

Get the full instructions to this paper plate kite craft.


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Paper Kite Crafts Just for Fun

You can also explore kites and wind on paper with your preschooler with these fun kite crafts that involve cutting, gluing, painting, sensory elements and more.


Stained Glass Kite



I love crafts that use tissue paper! And this one made even better by the glue-free aspect since it uses contact paper to create the strained glass look.

Any parent would be proud to display these works of art in their window!

Learn how to make this Stained Glass Kite!


Water Color Kite Craft



My kids love to paint, and watercolors always look great no matter the age of the painter.  And these water colored kites are no exception.

See the full post on on how make these water color kites.



Tissue Paper Drinking Straw Kite Craft



How cute are these little kites?

They are made with tissue paper and drinking straw and would make such a fun craft for a birthday party! I love the look of this kite banner- but I bet with a tiny bit of modification you could try and fly these little kites too.

Learn how to make this drinking straw kite craft.



Pasta Kite Craft


Preschoolers love working with pasta- it’s a fun sensory addition to any craft. This kite craft uses glued and painted spaghetti noodles to form a kite shape and bow tie pasta for the kite tail.

Get the full instructions on how to make this pasta kite craft.



Cupcake Liner Kites



Did you know you can make a kite shape from a cupcake liner? This adorable kite craft uses just that.

I think it would make a great Mother’s Day card craft for kids!

Get the full instructions on how to make this springy kite craft.



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