Playing games are a great way to connect as a family, I love playing dice games with kids because they are quick, easy, and help bring in a little (or a lot) of math.

Dice games are simple fun, great for on-the-go play, and are great for a rainy day when you are stuck inside.

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Here are some of my favorite dice games- some are board games and some just use dice and score sheets.  So get your dice and let’s go! 


Games for Kids: Check out these 10 fast and fun dice games for kids to play on your next family game night!


 10 Dice Games for Kids- for Fun and Learning!



Tenzi is basically a set of 10 dice in each of 4 different colors. The goal of basic Tenzi is to roll the dice and be the first to get all 10 dice the same number.

There are an infinite number of ways to play Tenzi:

  • Choose a number and be the first to get all 10 dice that number
  • Be the first to get all the dice in pairs
  • Be the first to stack all 10 dice in a tower
  • Be the first to make all 10 dice add up to 20
  • And so on….

You can purchase 77 Ways to Play Tenzi, or just come up with your own.  It can be as easy or as challenging as you wish!

We once played where we had to roll 2 Yahtzees (5 of one number in one roll). Now, that took a loooonng time!




Qwixx is a color coded dice game that comes with 2 white dice, a yellow, red, green and blue dice. The concept and scoring is simple- so kids as young as 5 of so can play.

Qwixx is a math based game- so it will help with addition skills practice. To play you roll all six dice and try to mark off the sums of certain colored dice on the scoring sheet. The more scores you can mark off before the game ends the higher your score!

If you already have enough dice you can just get the scoring sheets.


yahtzee game scoring paper with 5 colored dice



Yahtzee is a classic dice game and the first one I ever remember playing.

What I love most about Yahtzee is that it’s a dice game for ALL generations. I can play with my kids, my mom and my grandmother and we all have fun- so it’s a great way to connect together.

You can buy a set, or just gather up 5 dice and get some score sheets.



Flash is a lightning fast dice game that uses visual perception math skills to win the game.

It can be played with 2-6 players- and since there’s no real strategy- there’s an even playing field no matter the age of the player.

The game comes with 36 dice, scoring chips, and a scoring pad.




Knockout is one of my favorite math-based dice games for kids. All you need is 2 dice and a dry erase board and you can help your kid practice their addition facts under the guise of a fun game!

Use either standard 6 sided dice or up the challenge and use 12 sided dice!

Get the full directions on how to play Knockout



Farkle is a scored dice game that requires you to roll a 1, 5 or a special combination like 3 of a kind, 3 pairs, or a straight.

You can continue to roll on your turn as long as you have rolled at least one scoring die. You can choose to stop and keep your points at any time, or keep rolling and take the chance of getting more.

First player to make it to 10,000 points wins!

Different versions of Farkle seem to have different rules and scoring- but the basic gist is the same. You can buy a Farkle set, or simply gather up 6 dice and follow these rules.




Yamslam is similar to Yahtzee, but you keep score using chips instead of on paper. It’s fast paced and easy to play. According to the company:

“Let the five dice roll you to a win with Yam slam! Calculated chances and strategic choices will place the odds in your favor. After each roll, choose the dice that will get you the best combination. Each combination is worth a different point value and has only 4 chips, so get the best ones before they run out. Race your friends to the special bonuses and keep the suspense rolling until the end with Yam slam.”

Its mostly a game of chance, so all ages can roll the dice and play and have a chance at winning.


UNO Dice

UNO is one of my favorite card games. Combine that with my love of dice games and you get UNO Dice!

UNO Dice is a 2 player game that comes with dice that you roll and try to match by color or number- just like classic UNO. Get rid of your dice first- and you win!




I featured Dragonwood in my 10 Best Family Board Game too, but since it’s a favorite and also a dice game, I will feature it here as well.

Dragonwood is a card and dice game where you collect cards and use them to earn chances to roll the dice and capture fun woodland creatures. The more you capture the higher your points. Capture the Dragons to end the game!



Pig is a fast dice game of chance. All you need to play is 2 players (or more….) and 1 die.

To play Pig, a player rolls the dice over and over. The goal is to get as many points as possible- by adding up the face value of the rolls. But watch out- if you roll a 1 your turn is over and you lose all of the points from that roll.

Keep rolling and chance losing your points- or play it safe and pass the die to the next player and keep all the points you rolled.

The first player to reach 100 points wins.


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