Snow Sensory Bin for Indoor Fun in the Winter

This winter snow sensory bin is SO easy. It’s simple. And it’s fun. 

Bring the outdoors inside and let your toddler or preschooler (or bigger kids!) explore the snow without tons of clothing or frigid temperatures! 

The ingredients for this snow sensory bin are simple: SNOW!

BUT, if you happen to not have any snow, here are a couple of other options:

- Shaved ice - Instant Snow

StEP 1

Take a large tub or roasting pan and fill it overflowing with fresh, clean snow (remember no yellow snow!) 

step 2

Bring it inside to a room you don’t mind getting wet- the kitchen or even the bath tub is a good choice. 

Step 3

Then let the kids play in the snow. Inside the warm house without many layers of clothes. 

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