Simple Acids and Bases Science Experiment to Do With Kids

Looking for a fun science experiment to do with kids with ingredients you have at home? 

Try this acids and bases experiment to test household solutions and decided if they are acidic or basic.  

Make Turmeric Paper

The first thing you need to do is make turmeric paper. This is what you will use to test your solutions on to tell you if they are acids and bases. 

Gather Your Supplies

While the filters are drying, gather the rest of your supplies.

Make Your Guesses (Hypothesis)

Making the hypothesis is an important part of every science experiment- even if you are doing an experiment with very young kids. 

Test Acids and Bases

Start by cutting your coffee filters into strips. They don’t have to be very big to conduct this experiment…just 2-3 inches long and an inch or less wide.


Don’t just do a science experiment and leave without really looking at the information you learned!

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