13 Screen-Free Learning Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

In this age of technology it is all to easy to allow our young children to rely on screens and gadgets to teach them. 

So what should you do to help your toddler or preschooler learn in a screen-free way? Here are 13 learning activities that are 100% screen free! 

Play with Dice

Dice are so much fun to play with- and they are so versatile when it comes to the ways you can learn with them.

Oil and Water Sensory Bag

This sensory bag is great for toddlers because, like all sensory bags, it’s mess free and they can explore it wherever they are. 


Never discount the power of reading when it comes to teaching your kids. Reading opens up new worlds and new experiences.

Letter Crafts

Learning the ABCs is one of the milestones for young kids. Not just memorizing the song, but actually being able to recognize and identify all the letters of the alphabet.

Plant a Garden or Seed

Gardening is another way to teach kids about the world they live in and the foods they eat. 

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