Pass the Time with a Road Trip Scavenger Hunt on a Long Car Ride!

Do you have a long road trip planned and need to keep the kids occupied? Have a road trip scavenger hunt! It will keep the kids busy, happy, and not complaining during a long car ride! 

Road trip scavenger hunts are a simple way to get your kids engaged and entertained while on a long road trip- and they are super easy to put into action! Here are just a couple of ideas for scavenger hunts:

The License Plate Game:

Simply look at all the license plates of the cars and trucks you pass and try to find all 50 states. 

The Alphabet Game:

Search all of the signs you see for words that start with the letters of the alphabet in order. Keep going until you get all the way to Z!

Road Sign Scavenger Hunt

Just print the road sign sheet, grab a pencil, and search the roads. You can even make it a competition between siblings to see who is the most observant and can find the most signs. 

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

There’s a lot to see when you are on a road trip; things you might miss if you’re staring at a screen..   This free scavenger hunt printable features common road trip sights for the kids to keep an eye out for and see who can find the most items.

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