31 Fun Countdown to Halloween Activities for Kids and Families

My kids love Halloween. Maybe it’s the candy. Maybe it’s just because it’s the first holiday of the Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas trio. 

Here are my 31 Halloween activities, outings, and crafts to with your kids this October as you countdown to Halloween! 

Paint Pumpkins

Just give the kids some paints and brushes and let them paint however they wish!

Make Edible Candy Corn Slime

With  just a few ingredients you can make edible candy corn slime that’s fun to play with AND taste!

Hammer Pumpkins

This is a great fine motor activity for young kids, but kids of all ages will have fun!

Make a Tape Spider Web

Simply place masking tape, sticky side out, in a window or doorway in a spider web pattern. 

Make Halloween Cookies

Halloween’s all about the candy and sweets! Make your own homemade cookies for Halloween. 

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