9 Stimulating Sensory Bags for Babies (and Big Kids too!)

Sensory bags are a simple way to give your child sensory play and stimulation- without the mess or the risk of choking. 

Engage and stimulate your baby’s senses with these 9 sensory bags for babies (and older kids too!) 

High Contrast Tummy Time Sensory Bag

It’s filled with high contrast, SOFT items, so they can safely explore the bag while they are having tummy time. 

Googly Eyes Sensory Bag

I love, love, love this googly eye sensory bag. And I know it would be a hit for kids of all ages- even babies! 

Rainbow Sensory Bag

Babies can explore the colors, mix them, “paint” with them- but they can’t eat it or cover their bodies with it! 

Shaving Cream and Paint Sensory Bag

Similar to the rainbow painting, I love that this sensory bag allows babies to explore colors without the mess or the chances of them eating the paints.

Water Bead Sensory Bag

That’s what’s great about this water bead sensory bag- the water beads are all contained in the bag- no choking hazards in sight!

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