8 Creative and Easy Face Painting Ideas for Kids

I have found the easiest way to get good at face painting is to look at a picture and try to copy it. 

Here are some easy face painting ideas that your kids will love- and you don’t have to be an artist to create! 


This is one of the first times I painted my daughter’s face. And it’s still one of my favorite face paintings. 


This cheetah face paint is soooo easy. Literally all it is is painting the entire face orange. Dotting black all over and then adding black eye liner, nose, and lips.

Blue Tiger

Okay so you can totally face paint an ORANGE tiger, but the blue one is just so cute! All you need are blue and black to create this look.

The Princess Crown

All you have to do is draw a crown shape in you base color, remembering to leave some white for where the jewels will be.

The Frog Prince (and Princess)

You will need green yellow, black and white for the price and also pink if you are making the princess.

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