7 Homemade Christmas Treats to Make With the Kids

These edible treats are fun for the kids to take part in and they take pride in creating something they can give away to their family and friends. 

Here are 7 different Christmas treats you can make with your kids. 

Sugar Cookies

It’s a ton of fun to decorate sugar cookies with royal icing. Even kids can make some beautiful cookies with royal icing!

Cookie Dough Balls

These are a favorite cookie treat because they are super simple, they don’t require baking, and they taste great! 

Hot Chocolate On A Stick

Hot chocolate on a stick isn’t as quick and easy as some of the other Christmas treats, but the result is amazing! 

Mint Chocolate Fudge

Fudge always makes a great Christmas treat. And if you make a mint chocolate fudge it makes a simple treat much more fun!

Swedish Spice Cookies

These Swedish spice cookies are amazing, they are similar to gingerbread without quite as much kick.

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