7 Daily Routines to Add to Your Child’s Day

Children of all ages thrive on routines. It helps them schedule their day in their minds, so they know what to expect and when. 

Besides meals and bedtimes, here are 7 daily routines that will enhance your child’s day. 

Silent Reading Time

Building a set silent reading time into your day will help your child learn to love reading and look forward to a quiet moment to read to themselves and enjoy books. 

Quiet Time

Quiet time is just that- a time where everyone in the house goes their separate ways and finds quiet activities to do on their own.  

Outside Play

Daily outside time is so important for your health and a child’s development. 

A Family Walk

Adding a family walk to your daily routine is a great way to connect as a family while getting your body moving and your heart pumping. 

After Meal Clean Up

This daily routine helps keep the kitchen cleaner- and mom more sane! Plus it teaches a lot of life skills to your children. 

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